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Access control might be something that small business owners mistakenly consider to only be appropriate for larger office blocks and locations. However, thanks to the flexibility of our access control systems, their installation can represent significant advantages for even the smallest of concerns. Therefore, read below and find out why access control systems are going to change your security monitoring game regardless of your size.

Advantages of Access Controls Systems for Small Business

  •     Advantages for commercial and non-commercial organizations

Advantages for commercial and non-commercial organizations

Over and above the obvious aspect of security, even companies and enterprises with a minimal number of employees can benefit from access control. Security threats, data breaches, theft, and other incidences are effectively addressed with proof of who’s accessed premises at any given time.

The following are just some of the reasons a small business needs access control:

  1.     Protection of valuables: From computers and office equipment through to commodities and goods for sale, access control ensures that you not only know who’s there at any given time, but you can rest easy that doors are always locked and physical assets are secure.
  2.     Restrict certain areas: Perhaps you need to ensure no-one can access your office while you’re not in the building. Or maybe you want to lock the storeroom over the weekend or during a public holiday. Whatever the reason, access control allows you to choose who can access what locations within a business, and even ringfence specific hours of entry to any area or location.
  3.     Hard to duplicate: While anyone can duplicate a key, doing the same with access control is rather more complex. If someone loses a key card (or other means of access) this can easily and quickly be disabled.
  4.     Saves energy: Access control systems can determine if anyone is inside and adjust lighting, heating, air-conditioning, etc., accordingly. This, in turn, is kinder to the environment and saves money on unnecessary energy bills.
  5.     Easily revoke access: If an employee leaves or changes role it’s simple to cancel or change their access levels.
  6.     Provides a complete record of access and egress: The advantages of this are many, including knowing if your employees are working their contracted hours and, should an incident take place, easily dismiss people as potential suspects.

Access Control Systems for Small Business: The three main types


  •     IP (or cloud-based) systems
  •     IoT systems
  •     Device-based control

IP (or cloud-based) systems

Cloud-based systems are very popular. This type stores the access permissions in the cloud, so allowing easy control from anywhere with an internet connection. The popularity is well-founded, with such many such systems taking this one step further, as in the so-called IoT system detailed below.

IoT systems

Also connected to the cloud, the IOT (Internet of Things) is very similar, with the important difference of being able to integrate with other security devices. These include alarm systems, security lighting, CCTV, and more.

Device-based control

This is best thought of in the same way as an app.  Download and install the company’s software onto a smart device and you’re able to manage the complete security system from anywhere. These utilize stringent security authorizations that are tied to a particular mobile device.

Selecting the Ideal Access Control Systems for Small Business

  •     Four crucial criteria for choosing the bespoke access control

Four crucial criteria for choosing the bespoke access control

The correct access control solution for your small business should be determined through consideration of the following:

  •     The type of system, quality of the security tech, and the credential options: The different types of access control systems mentioned above should be considered to pinpoint the one that best suits your needs
  •     Attributes: How easily you can collate and report aspects such as access and egress, time tracking, and visitor management, etc.
  •     Installation: Covering the ease of the initial installation, requirements, ownership, and on-going maintenance.
  •     Support and training: Customer support, documentation, and training opportunities available to the management and use of the system.

Determining the right access control solution for your small business is best done through a professional source. That way you can be sure that the ultimate option is selected to cover the bespoke needs for your unique business situation.

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Access control is only as good as the installation, and no security company is more adept than Fast Guard Service. A world-leader in the provision of security, their experts will create a tailored solution that not only addresses your current needs, but that also has the necessary longevity to adapt as your business expands.

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