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Unfortunately we live in a world with headlines that are dominated by theft, crime, and even terrorist activities. We also live in the digital age, the most affluent era of all time. More people own valuable possessions now than ever before. These are the reasons that the Armored Car Service, offered by Fast Guard Personal Security Service, have taken off nationwide. More people than ever before have valuable belongings that they need transported, and they need to have them protected, cost effectively and safely. Fast Guard Service, a security firm headquartered in Miami, Florida, but regarded as the number one security firm in the Continental United States, has seen a tremendous boom in their armored car service in recent months. Many people who never before considered an armored car service are now using one. Many people simply thought they couldn’t afford an armored car service because they pictured an armored truck and not simply armed guards that protect valuables in transit. More and more people have contacted the company in regards to the protective service, however, as they realize what the service is and how it can secure and protect their valuables. Here are several reasons so many people and organizations are contacting Fast Guard Service about their armored car service:  
  • Estates: Whether estates are being transported as part of an inheritance or someone is simply moving their estate to a new address, estates are extremely valuable. They are often comprised of most everything you own, may things untraceable. Estate sales, which are public knowledge, also are often moved. Thieves target estates, as they are filled with valuable objects.
  • Money: Believe it or not people still use cash in this day and age. But even more than cash, there are companies that deal in pre-paid debit and credit cards, and people who sell bonds. These things are a windfall for criminals, and they will attack a transport containing these items anytime they can find them.
  • Jewelry: Be it a jewelry company, a jewelry auction, or just a person with a nice jewelry collection, jewelry has long been a favorite of thieves. When transporting valuables, an armed car service will protect jewels from the thieves and bandits who covet them.
  • Valuables and Collectibles: From precious metals to serious stamp collections, criminals love stealing valuables they can sell that cannot be traced. Most valuables and collectibles are easy to steal, and thieves often target them in transport.
  • Hazardous Materials: Unfortunately we live in a world where crazy people and terrorists exist, and they look to pilfer or utilize materials that are dangerous to masses of people. If your company transports such materials and doesn’t have enough security, an armed car service can help.
  • Livestock: Believe it or not there is serious money in certain forms of livestock. From emu to show horses and race horses, some animals are worth hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars.
  If you need an armored vehicle contact the security professionals at Fast Guard Service LLC.

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