Fast Guard

While the holiday season is a joyful and jolly time, unfortunately, it also presents many opportunities for crime and criminal activity increases during the holidays.

With all of the holiday hustle and bustle going on, criminals take advantage and use this as a time to break the law. With the help of armed security guards, we can help make the holiday season safer and more enjoyable. 

Ramped Up Security Efforts

Malls and shopping centers are abuzz this time of year with holiday shoppers and also those looking to capitalize on the busy holiday season. 

Retail store fronts hire additional security officers to monitor the store and patron activity. Thieves try to take advantage of the fact that the stores are maxed out with customers, leaving them short staffed and frazzled. 

By hiring additional armed guards, stores and businesses can have a better handle on monitoring the activity of store patrons and be better prepared to deal with criminal activity. 

In anticipation of the holidays, many businesses have already contracted additional security officers to assist them with their operations and make sure that criminals do not have a chance to capitalize on the holiday hustle. 

Personal Security Tips for the Holidays

While businesses may be the first thing you think of when considering ramping up security for the holiday season, it is also important to consider your personal safety during this time as well. 

When out and about shopping, try not to leave your shopping bags and boxes in plain sight inside your car, this will attract thieves who are more than happy to break into your vehicle and swipe your gifts. 

When leaving the mall, never leave alone or at night time with your purchases. If you don’t have a shopping buddy, ask one of the mall or store security guards to escort you to your car. 

Additionally, you should always park your car in a well lit area and lock your doors as soon as you get into the car. Failure to heed this advice could mean you are a target for criminals looking to take advantage of holiday shoppers. 

Business Security Tips for the Holidays

While working in your office or workplace, be extra cognizant of suspicious activity. Monitor anyone who enters the workplace that does not belong there and never leave your purse or other valuables out in plain sight. The holidays tend to bring more people around, even to the smallest of offices or workplaces, so being diligent during this time is a good idea. 

High traffic businesses such as malls and shopping centers typically hire additional armed guards during the holiday time. Just the mere presence of beefed up security is usually a good deterrent for criminal activity. If you’re willing to invest in your security furtherly than temporary or permanent guards, complementing their service with monitoring your business with our remote security team and a CCTV system is the smart way to go.

As the holiday season quickly approaches, it is more important than ever that businesses and individuals be aware of the potential dangers of the holiday season. That being said, with a little preparation and the addition of armed security services, the holidays can continue to be a joyous and happy time.