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On Sunday evening, the Cuban embassy in Washington D.C. was the victim of what looks to be a terrorist assault. This concerning incident happened soon after Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel returned from a visit to the United Nations in New York. According to Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez, two Molotov cocktails were thrown at the embassy, but no diplomatic personnel were injured. This is the second violent assault on Cuba’s diplomatic post in the United States since April 2020.

The previous assault, in April 2020, included Alexander Alazo, a Cuban-born man with mental health issues. Alazo began fire on the embassy with an AK-47 assault weapon. At the time, Minister Rodrguez urged U.S. authorities to examine the case as a terrorist attack. He said Alazo had ties to a church in Doral, which he accused of instilling anger, hatred, violence, and fanaticism against Cuba. However, no substantial proof was produced to back up these charges.

Minister Rodrguez has called the most recent assault on the Cuban embassy as politically motivated. He has also ascribed it to people or organizations hostile to the Cuban regime. However, specifics concerning the intentions and perpetrators of this act remain unknown for the time being. Incidents like this serve as harsh reminders of the complexities of international relations. Attacks on diplomatic missions not only jeopardize the lives of embassy personnel but also damage ties between nations. The Cuban government’s desire for a comprehensive inquiry into these acts indicates its commitment to handling such matters via diplomatic channels.

The latest assault on the Cuban embassy in Washington, D.C., is a worrying development that adds to the record of events harming diplomatic posts across the globe. While the motivation for this assault is unknown, it highlights the significance of maintaining diplomatic ties and resolving issues peacefully. As the investigation into this incident continues, both the U.S. and Cuba must work together to maintain the security and safety of diplomatic missions on their respective land, avoiding such situations in the future. 

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