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Fast Guard

The trail of destruction caused by Storm Barry as it made landfall in Louisiana on July 13th wasn’t just down to the wrath of Mother Nature. As soon as the power supply is interrupted chaos reigns, and properties and businesses become virtually defenseless against crime. Add into the mix that such a cataclysmic natural event also displaces people and the scene is set for a nightmare scenario.

After The StormSecurity Services After A Storm

Let’s take a look at the issues that you as a business owner face after a natural disaster:

  • Loss of power: By far the biggest problem. All that security you’ve invested in, such as CCTV and sophisticated alarm systems, don’t mean diddly-squat once the power’s failed on a large scale, and for an unknown period that could last for days (or longer).
  • The scourge of the looters: It’s a sad fact that looting isn’t simply opportunistic (although for those displaced by a natural disaster it could be). The shadowy criminal world is organized and, in the case of a huge storm, they’ve already made their plan of attack well before it hits. This element of society considers these tragic events as times of high gains and use the disruption to bag their booty (AKA your valuable assets) and be gone before you know it.

Preparation Is Key: 3 Steps To Post-storm Business Security

OK, so the first, and most important, thing about protecting your business is safety. Confronting such looters is simply not an option. You might be able to scare off a person who’s simply chancing their arm at grabbing something of value. But the pros? That’s a different story… These guys are serious about what they’re doing, they’ve made their preparations, and you really don’t want to get in their way.

Sooo…. What can you do to stop them? Well, quite a lot, actually.

  1. Forewarned is forearmed: The one thing about a storm is that you have time to prepare. If possible move your valuables to a secure location—one that’s difficult to gain access to, and use top-quality locks to barricade entry.
  2. Ensure you have appropriate insurance: This is the one time you really don’t want to realize your premiums have lapsed. Whilst it can be expensive, small business insurance is your safeguard should the worst happen, so make it a priority to have it in place.
  3. Consider security guards: Nothing—and we mean nothing—is more effective than highly trained security guards patrolling your business premises during the Fast Guard Service LLCaftermath of a storm. Even professional looters will think twice, turning elsewhere for easier pickings.

These three steps can make a massive difference to how you ride out post-storm complications, and for the nation’s #1 security company, Fast Guard Security Service, this protection is their bread and butter. They safeguard some of the largest global names and can provide the same services for small businesses as well (at surprisingly affordable rates). 

Don’t wait until it’s too late, or think it could never happen to you. With a little savvy forward planning you can get your business storm-ready, and genuinely beat the looters at their own game.