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Security services in Miami, Florida

It is now crucial for Floridians to protect their businesses with professional guards or any other means of security services. Business owners in Miami are hiring security guards as a crime deterrent for their establishment. Most thieves will think twice about targeting a business that has uniform protection.

Another service we provide at Fast Guard is bodyguard service. Bodyguards are well equipped to handle threats and perform vulnerability assessments. Fast Guard bodyguards are very well trained to prevent, protect, and evacuate if necessary.

Hire Personal Bodyguard Services in Miami, Florida 

High-profile dignitaries, politicians, and businessmen/women need them but an ever-growing industry is the protection of celebrities. Anyone in the spotlight, whether they are worldwide known “A” list celebrities, or more localized with their fame, there is potential danger involved. Threats can be anywhere and leaving it up to chance is a large risk. They contract bodyguards for specific venues or hire full-time bodyguards to always be there.

Executive Security services in Miami 

Celebrities, now more than ever, are relying on the expertise and trust of a personal bodyguard to protect them. With the increasingly frightening world we live in, you can never be too careful. Whether the celebrity needs help with crowd control daily or is at a potentially controversial event, the value of a skilled bodyguard who is quick on their feet is worth it. The sense of safety that a bodyguard brings to a celebrity is part of the reason they are willing to pay thousands, if not more, for protection.

In regards to specifics of bodyguards, they vary in abilities and protection levels. Some are simply large individuals that have a strong presence but are not necessarily trained to properly combat a threat. On the higher end, other bodyguards rival the abilities of the protection of heads of state. Sizes of a security detail can be from 1-6+ trained members tasked with the protection of not only an individual but their home and family, if necessary.

Bodyguards in Miami

A thorough security threat assessment is performed on the paying customer to collect as much information as possible on potential threats or high-risk scenarios. Before attending events, the option of preparation by personal bodyguard services is often chosen to provide even more peace of mind. However, at the moment, the team members are trained to perform multiple threat assessments (especially important in crowds), based on body language, facial expressions, actions, etc.

Trained to detect and react fluidly and efficiently, professional bodyguards are in high demand for those in the spotlight. Bodyguards are not only crowd control, they are peace of mind. The best bodyguard Miami services are with Fast Guard Services.