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What Is A Fire Watch?

A fire watch refers to a temporary safety measure implemented when a fire protection system or fire alarm system is not functioning or undergoing maintenance, repairs, or upgrades; or when the fire marshal visits and informs you that you are on a fire watch unexpectedly. During a fire watch, trained individuals known as fire watch guards are assigned to monitor the affected area or building closely to ensure the early detection of any signs of fire or smoke.

Why is a fire watch so important?

The primary purpose of a fire watch is to prevent fires from occurring or spreading by providing a dedicated human presence that can quickly identify and report any potential fire hazards or incidents. Fire watch guards are responsible for conducting regular patrols, monitoring fire extinguishers and emergency exits, and maintaining communication with emergency services if a fire does occur. The fire watch guard is like insurance; it’s always better to have one because it can and has been the difference between life and death when your fire alarm is not functioning.

What are the rules of fire watch?

The rules and or duties are simple:

Continuous monitoring: Fire watch guards remain alert while on duty, actively looking for signs of fire, smoke, or other hazards that could pose a risk.

Patrolling: Guards perform regular patrols throughout the designated area, ensuring that all areas are inspected, and potential fire hazards are identified.

Communication: Fire watch guards communicate with the property owner, relevant personnel, and emergency services, reporting incidents or abnormalities immediately.

Response to emergencies: If a fire or emergency situation occurs, fire watch guards take appropriate actions as per their training, such as initiating evacuation procedures, using fire extinguishers if safe to do so, and assisting occupants in safely exiting the premises.

A fire watch is a temporary measure and should only be implemented for the required duration when fire protection systems are temporarily unavailable. Once the systems are restored or repaired, the need for a fire watch is typically no longer necessary.

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