Fast Guard

If you’ve ever considered switching careers or starting your first one off in private security, there has never been a better time. Fast Guard Security Service offers multiple courses to help you on your way to finding employment in the private security industry. These courses help you acquire the certifications and permits that are necessary to be considered by private security services. Fast Guard Security Service of Miami offers courses in Concealed Weapons permit, Statewide Firearms “G”, and Class “D” Security License.

 Must be 21 or older in order to enroll in the course. The purpose of this course is to teach firearms safety training and allow students who pass the course to carry concealed weapons knowledgeably, responsibly and safely. State laws set structure of the course. The course typically lasts 3-4 hours of classroom time plus shooting range time after the class and the cost is $80 for the course.

Must be at least 18 years old to enroll in this course. This course is essential for individuals looking to enter the security industry in Florida and covers firearms safety, principles of marksmanship, firearm mechanics, and liability. The course complies with Florida law. Upon completion, once the individual receives their Class “G” Security License they will be able to work security or private investigation with a gun. The cost of this course is $225 and takes 28 classroom hours to complete.

 Must be 18 years old to enroll in this course. This course covers and teaches basic principles of physical security, access control, terrorism awareness, emergency procedures, report writing, interviewing techniques, crime and accident prevention. Upon completion and receiving the Class “D” License, individuals will then be able to work as licensed security guards in Florida. The cost of this course is $150 and requires 40 classroom hours to complete.

For more details about each course that is offered or more information on security guard training, visit Fast Guard Security Service’s courses page or call us directly for consultation.