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Residentially every type of business can benefit from having security guards in some form. Commercial security services play a crucial role in ensuring the safety and security of your business, employees, and customers. 

The security guard industry has grown exponentially over the past few years. Leading the growth are the industries that are just now starting to hire armed guards and those that have started to increase their armed guard presence. 

Why the steep increase? Armed security guards act as a deterrent to burglars and vandals. Additionally, guards help to secure valuable equipment, confidential information, and people. 

The need for secure protection in all forms has never been greater. Businesses are recognizing this trend and stepping up to combat threats and danger by introducing more protection in the form of armed security guards. 

What Type of Businesses Need Armed Security Guards? 

Would your business benefit from having onsite security guards? While almost every business can benefit from these services, we compiled a list of the top industries that can most benefit from onsite guards.

-Construction sites: Construction companies need to leave their valuable equipment at their building sites overnight and on the weekends. This presents an opportunity for thieves and vandals to take advantage. An armed security guard can help protect your assets when you are not with them. 

-Health care: The health care industry, hospitals in particular, see a lot of people in and out between patients, employees, and visitors. In a fast-paced environment, it is a good idea to have armed security guards who can provide uncompromised attention to keeping a watchful eye on the establishment. 

-Retailers: Security guards are hired in retail establishments to deter thieves and keep an eye out for suspicious activity from customers and employees.  

-Manufacturing and Industrial Companies: Manufacturers and industrial companies are prime targets for theft and vandalism. Armed security guards can log vehicle entry and exit of the buildings. They can also verify drivers, guests, and contractors while directing them to the appropriate locations. 

-Banks and Financial Institutions: People and information need to be protected at financial institutions. Security guards can offer access control, monitor security electronics, and workplace violence protection. 

-Schools: This is now one of the most needed areas for security guards. Unfortunately, violence in schools is at an all-time high. Armed security guards can help safeguard students, teachers, parents, and visitors. 

-Residential and Retirement Communities: Security guards help provide peace of mind for you and your family in the place where you live. Theft, trespassing, and vandalism are significantly reduced in communities with a security guard present. 

-Hotels: Security guards provide a safe and secure environment by responding to complaints, providing access security, and helping with concierge services.  

In general, almost any business can benefit from some form of armed security control. Whether you need a vehicle or foot patrol, guards are highly trained to keep a watchful eye over your business and the people involved. 

If you’re looking to hire a professional security company for your day-to-day operations, give Fast Guard Service a call.