Fast Guard

A modern condominium building can easily accommodates more than a thousand of people. Most of them will be permanent tenants, but some will be Air BNB guests. These people will also have guests, and professional contractors coming to provide their service, deliveries coming in and whatnot. It means that an average condo building has thousands of people coming in and out everyday, and that exposes the tenants and their property to numerous security threats. Therefore it’s highly important to have a strong commercial security solution for your condo building to keep everyone’s safety in tact. Read below the top 5 reasons your condo needs the service of a top rated security company like Fast Guard.

  1.  24/7 Surveillance: People don’t simply go to work from 9 to 5 and then come home and lock their doors and stay in for the night. Condominiums, like apartment complexes and hotels, have people coming in and out at all times of the day and night, every day of the year. This means that on site security must be ever vigilant, on guard and surveilling the premises for potential issues, protecting the people that live in condos in the complex and those that visit them.
  2. Trouble Spot Security: Any compartmentalized building has trouble spots that have light traffic, that are dark, at least at certain times of the day, and that are out of the way. These “trouble spots” are often places where crimes are committed, or where accidents can happen that go unnoticed, making the consequences much worse than they need to be. Digital security and modern technology, along with routine patrols, help secure these trouble spots and make sure that they are safe for all condo residents, their friends and their families.
  3. Regular Patrols: While patrols may not find much if they regularly occur that is actually a good thing. That means that the presence of an active, armed security force is working. The simple fact that security is on site and that they randomly but routinely patrol the facility can do a great deal to curb any potential nefarious activity. People with bad intentions usually look elsewhere when they see that a building is heavily guarded, and routine patrols can be as important as the armed guards themselves. Patrols are an integral part of a good condominium security presence.
  4. Security Presence: Like routine patrols, the simple presence of armed guards at the front desk or at the doors can go a long way from curtailing any potential threat or plans for harmful activities. The fact is that criminals look for easy targets, not hard ones, and the simple visible presence of armed security guards acts as a great deterrent for criminals and trouble makers.
  5. Diffusing Problems: While it is great to have a security presence to deter crimes and other potential problems, not all issues can be avoided by the mere presence of a security force or even of active armed security guards. When a problem does arise, be it a crime or an accident, on site condominium security can address and diffuse most any issue, before it gets out of control. They also offer quick, 24/7 access to an emergency infrastructure so that the proper authorities can be contacted and apprised immediately. A good security force can minimize the impact or aftermath of any crisis by addressing it quickly and efficiently when it first breaks out