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Local News Update: Evacuation Orders Impact 28,000 Residents

The Thompson Fire in Butte County has rapidly expanded to over 3,500 acres near Oroville, causing significant concern among local residents and authorities. With 28,000 people now under evacuation orders, the situation remains critical as firefighters battle to contain the blaze. Here’s what you need to know about the latest developments and how you can stay safe.

The Rapid Spread of the Thompson Fire

The Origin and Current Status

The Thompson Fire began on [insert date] and has since grown at an alarming rate, fueled by dry conditions and strong winds. Located near Oroville, the fire has quickly consumed over 3,500 acres of land, threatening homes, businesses, and critical infrastructure.

Efforts to Contain the Blaze

Firefighters from across the region have been deployed to combat the Thompson Fire. Despite their best efforts, containment has been challenging due to the rugged terrain and rapidly changing weather conditions. As of now, [insert latest containment percentage] of the fire has been contained, but the situation remains fluid.

Evacuation Orders and Safety Measures

Areas Under Evacuation

With the fire’s rapid spread, evacuation orders have been issued for multiple areas in Butte County. Approximately 28,000 residents are currently under mandatory evacuation orders. If you are in an affected area, it is crucial to follow the instructions of local authorities and evacuate immediately to ensure your safety.

Evacuation Centers and Resources

Evacuation centers have been set up to provide shelter and assistance to those displaced by the fire. Key locations include:

Additionally, resources such as food, water, and medical assistance are available at these centers. For more information, visit [local government website] or contact the Butte County Office of Emergency Services.

How to Stay Safe During Wildfires

Preparing for Evacuation

If you are in an area under evacuation orders, take the following steps to prepare:

  • Pack an Emergency Kit: Include essentials such as medications, important documents, clothing, and personal hygiene items.
  • Plan Your Route: Know the evacuation routes and have a plan for where you will go.
  • Communicate: Inform family and friends of your evacuation plan and stay in touch with them.

During Evacuation

  • Follow Official Instructions: Evacuate immediately when instructed and follow the designated routes.
  • Stay Informed: Keep updated on the fire’s status through local news, social media, and official channels.
  • Help Neighbors: Check on elderly or disabled neighbors to ensure they can evacuate safely.

The Impact of the Thompson Fire on Butte County

Environmental Damage

The fire has caused significant environmental damage, burning through forests, grasslands, and wildlife habitats. The long-term effects on the ecosystem will take time to fully assess, but the immediate impact is clear.

Economic and Community Effects

The economic toll of the Thompson Fire is substantial. Homes, businesses, and agricultural lands have been destroyed or damaged. The local community faces the daunting task of rebuilding once the fire is contained. Support from state and federal agencies, as well as community organizations, will be crucial in the recovery process.

How You Can Help

Donations and Volunteering

If you wish to support those affected by the Thompson Fire, consider donating to reputable organizations providing relief efforts. Some options include:

  • Red Cross: [Donation link]
  • Local Food Banks: [Donation link]
  • Butte County Fire Relief Fund: [Donation link]


Volunteers are often needed at evacuation centers and for various support roles. Contact local relief organizations to see how you can help.


The Thompson Fire in Butte County is a stark reminder of the devastating impact wildfires can have on communities. As the fire continues to spread, it is essential to stay informed, follow evacuation orders, and support those affected. By working together, we can navigate this crisis and begin the journey toward recovery.

Stay safe, stay informed, and take care of each other during this challenging time.

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