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When you’re running a business, the decision to hire security isn’t taken lightly, especially when it’s on an emergency or temporary basis. Security isn’t just a line item on your budget—it’s an investment in safeguarding your assets, your team, and your peace of mind. But what exactly are you paying for when you call up a security guard company in a pinch? Let’s peel back the layers of the costs associated with these essential services.

Understanding the Costs of Security Guard Services

Direct Costs: What You See Is What You Get

At first glance, the costs associated with hiring a security guard service seem straightforward: hourly wages, uniforms, and maybe some additional gear. But when you contract security guard services on an emergency basis, such as those offered by Fast Guard Service, there’s often a premium because of the urgency and flexibility required.

The Hidden Layers: Indirect Costs

Beyond the hourly rate, there are the costs you might not immediately consider. Training guards, for instance, is an intensive process, and quality training doesn’t come cheap. Insurance and liability coverage are also significant factors—essentially, you’re not just paying for a guard to stand post; you’re paying for your peace of mind in case something goes wrong.

Emergency vs. Regular Hiring: A Cost Comparison

Emergency hires usually cost more per hour compared to a long-term contract. This premium covers the readiness and rapid response you require. I recall a client who once had a last-minute security need during a high-profile event when another vendor fell through. The speed at which Fast Guard Service was able to mobilize its team was nothing short of impressive—but that rapid deployment comes with a price tag.

The Value Behind the Price Tag

Quality of Service

When you hire a top-tier security guard company, you aren’t just paying someone to watch a door; you’re investing in an individual’s expertise to manage unforeseen circumstances. Better training means a higher level of professionalism and effectiveness in handling emergencies.

Specialized Training and Readiness

For instance, the guards from Fast Guard Service are trained extensively not just in security but in customer service and emergency response, which ensures they handle situations with tact and efficiency. This was evident when guards deftly managed a medical emergency at a corporate event, coordinating with medical personnel and maintaining calm among the guests.

Advanced Technology and Equipment

Additionally, the integration of technology such as surveillance systems and access control can further enhance security, though this also contributes to the overall cost.

Cost Factors Specific to On-Call Temporary Services

Urgency Premium

The ability to have a guard on-site within hours is a significant benefit, especially in unexpected situations. However, this rapid response is a premium service that affects pricing due to the logistics involved in coordinating on-call staff.

Short-term Contracts

Short-term or temporary contracts often carry higher hourly rates compared to longer engagements. This can be attributed to the administrative and operational overheads involved in deploying security personnel for short periods.

Administrative Overheads

Managing on-call security personnel involves significant administrative efforts, from scheduling to ensuring all legal requirements and certifications are up-to-date. Each emergency deployment might require custom planning, which also adds to the cost.

Case Studies: Cost vs. Effectiveness

Real-life Examples

Once, a tech company faced unexpected protests during a product launch. The quick deployment of experienced guards helped manage the crowd efficiently, preventing any damage to property and ensuring the event went smoothly. The cost of hiring security was minimal compared to the potential losses that could have occurred.

Strategies to Manage Security Costs Effectively

Long-term Planning

One way to mitigate the costs of emergency security is through strategic long-term planning. Anticipate potential security needs and establish a relationship with a security guard company like Fast Guard Service well in advance.

Cost-effective Hiring Practices

It’s also prudent to compare different security guard companies near me to see who offers the best value for the type of services you need. Look for companies that balance cost with a proven track record.

Leveraging Technology

Utilizing technology can sometimes reduce the need for physical guards. For instance, installing surveillance cameras in low-risk areas can decrease the number of guards needed on-site, thereby reducing overall costs.


When you next need to hire a security guard, remember that the cost involves much more than just the time they spend on your premises. It’s about ensuring that they can respond effectively in a crisis, manage any situation professionally, and represent your company in the best light possible.

Investing in security guard services like those offered by Fast Guard Service ensures that you’re not just paying for an emergency response but investing in a comprehensive security solution that offers peace of mind and real value for your money. Don’t wait for the next emergency to think about security. Plan ahead, and ensure your business is prepared for anything.

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