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In an unusual twist, a man legally named ‘Optimus Prime’ has been arrested by Texas police for auto theft. The arrest took place on Thursday afternoon, following a brief investigation into a string of vehicle thefts in the Lufkin area.

The Arrest

Optimus Prime, a 32-year-old resident of Lufkin, was taken into custody after police tracked a stolen vehicle to his residence. The arrest came as a result of coordinated efforts by local law enforcement, who had been investigating several reports of car thefts over the past month.

“We received a tip that led us to Mr. Prime’s location,” said Lufkin Police Chief Steve Baker. “Upon arrival, we found the stolen vehicle and took Mr. Prime into custody without incident.”

The Crime Spree

Prime is suspected of being involved in at least three recent auto thefts in Lufkin. According to police reports, the vehicles were stolen from various locations, including parking lots and residential streets. Surveillance footage and witness accounts helped police identify Prime as the suspect.

“Each incident followed a similar pattern, which helped us narrow down our investigation,” said Detective Laura Simmons. “We were able to connect the dots and identify Mr. Prime as a person of interest.”

Community Reaction

The arrest has sparked considerable interest and surprise within the community, largely due to the suspect’s unique name. “It’s not every day you hear about someone named Optimus Prime getting arrested,” said local resident John Miller. “It’s definitely a story that’s going to be talked about for a while.”

Legal Proceedings

Optimus Prime is currently being held at the Angelina County Jail, where he faces multiple charges, including grand theft auto and possession of stolen property. Bail has been set at $50,000. If convicted, Prime could face significant jail time.

“We are committed to ensuring that justice is served,” said Chief Baker. “Auto theft is a serious crime that affects the entire community, and we will pursue this case diligently.”

A Name to Remember

The name ‘Optimus Prime’ is famously associated with the leader of the Autobots from the popular “Transformers” franchise. Prime’s legal name change has undoubtedly added an unusual element to the case, making it stand out in the annals of local crime history.


While the story of Optimus Prime’s arrest may seem unusual, it underscores the importance of diligent police work in solving crimes and maintaining public safety. As the legal process unfolds, the community remains engaged, eager to see justice served in this highly publicized case.

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