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Identify theft is disarming and unfortunately, it’s common. Every year, tens of millions of consumers are robbed in some capacity of their identity and left to deal with the vulnerable aftermath.

Now, it isn’t always that someone siphons your social security card, copies your passport and goes parading across the globe as your doppelganger. Theft of identity transpires is many ways. Perhaps you or someone you know has experienced the following:

  • Fraudulent use of medical care
  • Fraudulent use of telephone calling cards
  • Withdrawals from bank accounts
  • Credit card use – with or without card
  • Applications for new credit
  • Use of your IP address online for illegal activity
  • And, of course, social security fraud for taxes and employment

Do yourself a favor and protect against identity theft. You’ll thank yourself when it doesn’t happen to you.

Here are 3 Tips on How to Protect Your Identity:

  1. Add Fraud Alerts

Adding a fraud alert on your credit report will ensure that lenders and creditors go through extra identity verification steps before extending new credit lines. This will make it more difficult for imposters to claim themselves as you and take credit out in your name.

2. Call Right Away

If you suspect some piece of your identity has been stolen- credit card, checkbook, etc., contact the issuer immediately. Banks can either put a freeze on your account or close accounts altogether. By contacting right away and deactivating these tangible extensions of your identity, you alleviate the possibility of somebody stealing your identity and racking up bills in your name.

3. Protect Your Social Security Card

Although today we are much more lenient with our social security numbers, be sure to keep your original card in a safe place and to never save your number in an easily accessible place online, on your computer or in your home. Social security is harder to notice right away. Usually, a number is used later down the road for employment or tax fraud. By the time this happens, it’s too late for you to take defensive action. Do yourself a favor and be careful with your SSN! If you fear your number has been stolen, contact the Social Security Administration. This ensures that any potential claimers of your number are thoroughly vetted before producing any action on their claim.

For superior identity theft protection services, get in touch with Fast Guard. We’ll keep you (and your identity) safe.