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How to Get an Armed Security License

Security guards are vital to the safety and peace of mind of people everywhere. Just having someone on the lookout for anything out of the ordinary can be instrumental in making sure that everyone is safe, and events proceed as expected. Yet, sometimes just having someone watching is not enough. In these cases, an armed security guard may need to be considered. This would be someone who carries a firearm while carrying out normal security duties. If you want to promote a safe society, read this guide for more information on how to get an armed security license. What Do You Have to Do? To be an armed security guard one must first acquire an armed security license. To obtain this license, a person must undergo extra training that varies by state. However, if a prospective armed security guard is a previous police officer, licensed PI (private investigator) military personnel, or peace officer then the additional training is not required. The application to become an armed security guard must be submitted to either the Department of Justice or Bureau of Security of the individual state in which one would like to work. Florida Armed Security Guards  The basic requirements in Florida mandate that a person interested in becoming an armed security officer must have a valid social security number, passport photo, Florida driver’s license, health certificate, and Class D security guard license. Additionally, the candidate must be at least 21 years of age, be a legal resident of Florida, be fingerprinted, pass a background check. If the prospect has any of the following they may be denied their license: a felony conviction, a criminal conviction regarding the illegal use of weapons, a mental illness, illegal substance or alcohol abuse, a revocation of a firearms license, a failed drug test, or poor moral character. In addition to the latter requirements, Florida armed security guards must also acquire a Class G license. This license requires 28 hours of training by a Class K instructor. These hours must be a combination of in-class instruction as well as practical fire-range training. They must all be completed within in twelve months of the application’s completion. The certificate of completion must be submitted along with the application to be considered. There are some small fees associated with this process. The fingerprinting will likely cost around $40 while the course will cost just over $100. Please keep in mind that this is just the information that is specific to the state of Florida. However, many states have similar rules and regulations. Conclusion Unfortunately, today there are many people who would like to cause harm to innocent people, but armed security guards may be able to help. You can help stop this horrific phenomenon by doing your part to protect Americans day in and day out through a career as an armed security guard. Hopefully, this short guide gave you a bit of an introduction to the requirements necessary to become an armed security guard and helped you to discern whether that is the best career path for you. If you are interested in becoming a security guard contact Fast Guard Service LLC.
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