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The importance of cruise ship security guards cannot be stressed enough, and that’s why a security company that offers maritime security solutions is extremely important for the cruising industry. Booking a cruise for vacation is a fun and exciting time in your life, it is essential that you feel safe and secure when out of the water.  Among the many security protocols that cruise ships utilize to keep their ships safe is cruise ship security guards. These guards are trained in all aspects of cruise ship security, including environmental and health threats. On board security guards help ensure that your vacation is as smooth and enjoyable as possible. 

Compliancy with Federal and International Regulations 

Cruise ship security guards are completely compliant with both federal and international cruise regulations from the Maritime Transportation and Security Act and International Ship and Port Facility Security Code. Cruise ship security officers possess the training, knowledge and skills needed to meet the requirements of the ship’s security needs and the maritime industry.  Maritime security involves a wide variety of specific tasks related to access control, screening, incident reporting and response, as well as federal and international regulations. Trained cruise ship security guards can deliver the full range of services required to meet the unique needs of the maritime industry. 

Security Guards’ Cruise Ship Responsibilities

If you think about it, cruise ships are similar to a small community without police officers and other law enforcement officials. When the cruise liner is on the water, they are disconnected from the rest of the world. This is where the importance of cruise ship security guards comes into play. Some of the on board duties of cruise security officers include: 
  • Screening passengers
  • Making rounds
  • Reporting and responding to suspicious activity or behavior
  • Monitoring security cameras 
  • and more

How Safe Are Cruise Ships? 

Cruise ships are generally regarded as a very safe way to enjoy a vacation. Passengers go through several rounds of screening prior to be allowed admittance onto the ship. Major ships are equipped with ample cameras and security guards at the ready. Most cruise liners do not allow security guards to be armed, therefore there should be no fire arms aboard the ship and no risk of shooting, accidental or otherwise.  While cruise lines work hard to ensure that their ships are a safe and secure place for guests, there are still issues that can arise out on the water that require security to act on. In very rare cases, security issues can be so extreme that a passenger may need to be confined in a designated area, cruise liners must be prepared with the proper facilities to do so.  The presence of security officers on a ship helps to deter people from spurring acts of violence or vandalizing the ship. If a crime is committed, there are security protocols in place to diffuse the situation and regain control.  Booking a cruise is an excellent way to take a vacation and leave your worries behind. Thanks to highly skilled and trained security officers onboard the ship, you can rest assured that you are well protected while on the water.  If you need a security team for your cruise ship call Fast Guard Service now or send an inquiry.