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As a Life Safety Director, I’ve seen firsthand the joy and excitement that fireworks bring to 4th of July celebrations. However, I’ve also witnessed the risks and dangers they can pose when safety isn’t a priority. This article aims to guide you on where to find fireworks and how to stay safe while enjoying them.

Finding Fireworks Near You

National Fireworks Retailers

One of the best places to find fireworks is through national retailers like TNT Fireworks and Phantom Fireworks. These companies have established reputations for providing a wide variety of fireworks, from small sparklers to grand displays. You can usually find their products at large retail stores or at dedicated fireworks supercenters.

Local Fireworks Stores

Supporting local businesses is always a great idea. Many local fireworks stores offer unique selections and personalized service. You can locate these stores by doing a quick online search or asking for recommendations from friends and neighbors.

Temporary Fireworks Stands

During the 4th of July season, you’ll likely see temporary fireworks stands popping up around your community. These stands are convenient and often have great deals. However, make sure they are operating legally and selling quality products.

Top Locations to Buy Fireworks in Dania Beach, FL

TNT Fireworks Supercenter

One of the top places to buy fireworks in Dania Beach is the TNT Fireworks Supercenter located at 768 East Dania Blvd. They offer an extensive selection of fireworks, from family-friendly packs to impressive aerial displays. The staff is knowledgeable and can help you choose the best fireworks for your celebration.

Other Notable Locations

Besides the TNT Fireworks Supercenter, there are other notable locations in the surrounding areas where you can find fireworks:

  • West Palm Beach, FL: 393 South Military Trail, 42.8 miles away
  • Hollywood, FL: 301 S State Road 7, 4.8 miles away
  • Miramar, FL: 1800 S University Dr, 7.7 miles away
  • Sunrise, FL: 3306 N University Dr, 10.5 miles away
  • Miami, FL: 5750 NW 183rd St, 12.2 miles away

California and Texas Locations

For those in California and Texas, TNT Fireworks has numerous locations to meet your needs:

California Locations:

Find all California locations here.

Texas Locations:

Find all Texas locations here.

Fireworks Safety Tips

General Safety Precautions

Safety should always be your top priority when handling fireworks. Here are some general precautions to keep in mind:

  • Keep Water Nearby: Always have a bucket of water or a hose ready in case of fire.
  • Light One at a Time: Only light one firework at a time and move away quickly after lighting it.
  • Never Relight a Dud: If a firework doesn’t go off, don’t try to relight it. Wait at least 20 minutes and then soak it in water.

Safety for Children

Children love fireworks, but they need close supervision. Here are some tips to ensure their safety:

  • Adult Supervision: Always have an adult present when children are around fireworks.
  • Keep Distance: Ensure children stay a safe distance away from where the fireworks are being lit.
  • Use Safe Alternatives: Consider safer options like sparklers or glow sticks for young children.

Environmental Considerations

Fireworks can pose environmental risks, especially in dry areas. Here’s how to minimize your impact:

  • Be Mindful of Fire Hazards: Avoid setting off fireworks near dry grass or wooded areas.
  • Clean Up Debris: After your celebration, clean up all debris to prevent litter and potential fire hazards.
  • Follow Local Regulations: Adhere to any firework bans or restrictions in your area.

Legal Considerations

Understanding Local Laws

Fireworks laws vary by location, so it’s crucial to understand the regulations in your area. In Florida, for example, certain types of fireworks are restricted. Always check with local authorities to ensure you’re in compliance.

Permits and Permissions

In some cases, you may need a permit to set off fireworks, especially for larger displays. Contact your local fire department or city hall to find out if you need a permit and how to obtain one.

Emergency Preparedness

First Aid for Firework Injuries

In the event of a firework-related injury, knowing basic first aid can be crucial:

  • Burns: Cool the burn with running water for at least 10 minutes and cover with a sterile, non-adhesive bandage.
  • Eye Injuries: Do not touch or rub the eye. Seek medical attention immediately.
  • Cuts and Bruises: Clean the wound and apply pressure to stop bleeding. Seek medical help if necessary.

Contacting Emergency Services

Have emergency contact numbers handy and know the steps to take in case of a fire or serious injury. Quick response can make a significant difference in an emergency.


Fireworks are a wonderful way to celebrate the 4th of July, but they come with risks that must be managed responsibly. By purchasing from reputable sources, following safety guidelines, and adhering to local laws, you can enjoy a safe and spectacular celebration.

Stay safe, have fun, and make this 4th of July a memorable one for all the right reasons.

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