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Why Security Should Be on Your Employee Termination Checklist

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We’ve all seen those humorous movie or TV scenes where an unsuspecting employee is fired, leading to a comical outburst. Remember Tom Cruise in Jerry Maguire or Steve Carell in The Office? While funny on screen, these scenarios can be far from amusing in real life.

In reality, such situations can become dangerous and, in rare instances, even deadly for nearby office workers. Ensuring robust office security is essential, especially during potentially disruptive or hazardous employee terminations. This concern extends beyond just unstable employees; any individual can react unpredictably when their job is taken away.

Here are the top 5 reasons to hire a private security firm to manage the risks associated with hostile employee terminations:

1. Protecting Workplace Safety

Unstable employees can pose significant risks to others in the workplace. Having skilled armed security on-site acts as a powerful deterrent and allows immediate control of the situation, preventing potential harm to your staff.

2. Preventing Property Damage

Even if no one gets hurt, there’s a risk of property damage as the dismissed employee vents their frustration. Experienced security guards ensure that all property remains safe and intact.

3. Maintaining Workplace Harmony

A disruptive termination can scare other employees and even customers. With armed security or private security present, the situation can be quickly managed, and the disgruntled former employee can be efficiently escorted off the premises, minimizing disruption.

4. Safeguarding Intellectual Property

In some businesses, intellectual property is critical. On-site private armed security ensures that all company property stays with the company and doesn’t leave with the dismissed employee.

5. Post-Termination Security

After the terminated employee has been removed from the premises, security guards can monitor the entrances and protect the property after hours to ensure the dismissed employee doesn’t return to cause any harm.

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