Security guards are a common sight in hospitals across the country. But why are they needed in a location where the sole reason for existence is to provide care and help to those in need? The answer is complex—and one that ranges from the obvious to those that you might not initially spring to mind.

The following discusses some of the many reasons why health care settings need to employ the services of security guards.

Hospital Security: A growing and complex need

  •     Patrol and threat identification
  •     Access and egress
  •     Why do hospitals have security guards? Patient and visitor safety
  •     Why do hospitals have security guards? Staff safety

Patrol and threat identification

Of course, the primary reason why hospitals have security guards is to provide a security presence, patrol the area, and identify and deal with any threats. The unique characteristics of a hospital, such as being open 24/7, having patrons from all social classes, being a location where emotions can run high, etc. are the perfect recipe where tensions run high.

The job of a security guard is to recognize the danger signs and take appropriate action to prevent unsociable behaviors from occurring or impacting others on the premises. 

Access and egress

Good security guards can spot suspicious conduct and engage with individuals before they enter. They can also monitor via CCTV and ensure that those who need to be ejected remain off-site and aren’t permitted to re-enter.

Why do hospitals have security guards? Patient and visitor safety

Patients are entitled to feel safe within the hospital environment and security guards play a huge role in ensuring this is possible. Health care settings have a high footfall, and their nature means many in the building are under high levels of stress. This can lead to outbursts of all kinds, and for many, this manifests in anger or violence. 

Security guards are trained to deal with such commotions, removing the person if necessary, and carrying out the vital role of ensuring no harm comes to the person themselves or that of others in the vicinity.

They will also be vigilant for other security threats. For example, noticing and dealing with suspicious packages or spotting antisocial behaviors, such as drug dealing, fights, drunkenness, and more.

Why do hospitals have security guards? Staff safety

Of course, in the same way as patients and visitors have the right to safety within the hospital, so do the staff. It’s an unfortunate fact that healthcare workers are often the target of violent attacks. Security guards can help calm individuals in such situations and, if this isn’t enough, forcibly restrain them to prevent further escalation. The knowledge that security is on-site plays a large part in allowing all staff in the hospital to carry out their duties in safety.

Less Obvious Reasons Why Hospitals Have Security Guards

  •     Police restricted access areas
  •     Assist in medical emergencies
  •     Provide visitor and patient direction

Police restricted access areas

There are many restricted areas in a hospital, such as ICU, wards, x-ray area,  morgues, and more. Security guards can help prevent those without authorization entering such areas.

Assist in medical emergencies

Security guards who’re first aid, CPR, and AED trained can assist staff with any medical emergencies that occur. They may also be the first on scene and can call for the appropriate help when needed.

Provide visitor and patient direction

Last, but certainly not least, guards are often the first port of call for visitors who can’t find their desired location within a hospital. With many buildings covering enormous areas, a friendly face who can point patients and visitors in the right direction is always very welcome.

The role of a hospital security guard is wide and varied. One of the biggest attributes of good guarding is the ability to converse and be approachable. Communication skills are high up the list of what’s needed to be successful in this diverse career, and hospitals should always vet their security provider to ensure they only employ the best in the business.

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