Pot dispensaries in California have just recently opened their doors to the public. The start of the new year was the first day of legal recreational marijuana sales. A plethora of permits has been issued for retailers who are ready begin their recreational sales, which means eager buyers are waiting by. However, just because dispensaries have been granted the right to open their doors, doesn’t mean just anyone can purchase marijuana. Legalization of recreational marijuana will not only attract an eager public but will also attract individuals who might have other illegal and harmful intentions. It’s vital that dispensaries in California increase their security. Dispensary owners need to ensure their product, employees, and customers are safe at all times.

Maintaining a secure environment for all cannabis dispensaries is paramount for safety. Learn why you need dispensary security and its benefits:

Accessible Cannabis Can Attract the Wrong People

The newly instated laws mean that there will be people who want to use or acquire cannabis illegally. The new laws state that the buyer cannot purchase or possess more than 1 ounce and has to be 21 years of age or older. Now that cannabis is more accessible to the public, there will be an increase of interest from individuals who aren’t approved for possession, whether because they are underage or because they’ve already surpassed the daily maximum limit for purchasing cannabis. Those who are legally allowed to purchase marijuana might also be inclined to buy for reselling to minors.

The availability of recreational marijuana is also expected to reap large profits, which puts dispensaries in a vulnerable position of being targeted by individuals with criminal intentions. These individuals usually want to steal the cannabis products to make profits for themselves. They are willing to do just about anything to get their hands on some marijuana.

Acquiring active security will avoid any kind of theft or illegal activity going on inside dispensaries. Just like any other drugstore, security is imperative to monitor the shoppers and dispensary premises, and ensure no illegal activity is occurring.

Security Can Help Protect Everything Coming in and Going out

Not only is it important to protect the cannabis distribution going on inside dispensaries, but it’s also important to ensure deliveries are secure. Customers must also be protected as they enter and exit the building. There have been incidences in the past where drug stores have experienced shootings or robberies in the parking lots. Hiring security will help protect everything coming in and going out of the dispensary. In this case, hiring multiple security guards is a smart idea. It is beneficial to have a security officer in-store and one actively keeping an eye on everything outside the store.

Marijuana Dispensary SecurityAvoid Extremely Dangerous Situations

Things can escalate quickly in an environment that involves drugs or other forms of stimulants. Illegal activity can rapidly turn into a dangerous situation. Robberies, shootings, and even death can be a potential threat to any drug store or dispensary. Security will ensure that these things are less likely to ever occur and will also make sure everyone inside the dispensary is safe at all times.

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