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Security guards have a variety of powers available to them. Due to the importance of their position, security guards must do everything in their power to make sure they keep the public safe. What security guards are allowed to do can depend on their seniority level, the assignment, or event they are being asked to provide security to and whether they are an armed or unarmed security guard. 

What Powers Do Security Guards Have?

The primary role of any security guard is to protect persons and property. Individuals, companies, or organizations privately employ them. Security guards don’t have as much power as a local police force, but they are still able to make arrests in certain circumstances. 

Security guards also have the power to detain an individual under certain circumstances and ban individuals from private property or ask them to leave. Security guards do not have the same powers as police, and if a situation gets out of hand, calling the police is always advisable. Security guards can use reasonable force to make sure a situation is under control and to keep people safe

Different Powers Of Armed And Unarmed Security Guards

The main difference between the two types of security guards is, of course, armed security guards’ ability to carry a firearm. Unarmed security guards will most likely be equipped with some form of protection, such as a baton. Armed security guards are more likely to be stationed at places or events where the risk of danger is higher.

Armed security guards have the power in certain situations to use lethal force should it be needed to keep a situation safe. There are many advantages to having armed security guards protecting your property or business; a lot of would-be criminals will be deterred by the sight of an armed security guard. 

One of the downsides of having armed security guards in plain sight is that it can make a place appear unsafe. Unarmed security guards are the best option for certain types of businesses where the risk of theft or a criminal incident is lower.

Unarmed security guards are less intimidating than armed guards, and some businesses will choose to have unarmed security guards in plain sight, with armed guards waiting in the wings, ready to be deployed should the situation arise. 

Having armed security guards as an option for businesses can be a necessary step for some to take. For example, a luxury clothing store may well need armed security guards in place to help protect the contents of that store. A business that operates in high-risk areas or is subject to a high risk of theft is a candidate for having armed security guards.

Get A Professional Opinion

If you’re having some problems deciding which type of security guard is right for your business or property then ask Fast Guard Security Service for their expert opinion on the best type of security to suit your needs. 

A professional security company such as Fast Guard can carry out an assessment of your business or property and advise the most appropriate security measures for you to take. You can then make a decision on unarmed or armed security guards being the best option to match your security requirements.