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The University of North Carolina students were recently subject to two school shooting lockdowns within two weeks. Fear and frustration gripped the campus community as fear-mongering rhetoric from some members was made apparent during these incidents, prompting students to call on lawmakers for legislative change on gun laws. Here is more insight into this ongoing crisis from student sources.

On September 13, 2023, students at the University of North Carolina found themselves once again locked inside classrooms as the unthinkable happened a second time within weeks. A previous lockdown had shaken campus to its core and resulted in the tragic loss of a faculty member’s life; during this ordeal, students were placed into lockdowns that lasted several hours as police worked tirelessly to apprehend suspects. In response to these tragic experiences, students organized under March for Our Lives UNC have organized to make an urgent plea to legislators for immediate gun control measures. 

Students’ plea reflects a growing frustration and desperation to take concrete measures against gun violence in our communities, echoing sentiments expressed by countless communities that have suffered similar tragedies. The University of North Carolina incidents underscore the urgent need for comprehensive gun control reform. Students have demanded that lawmakers put citizen safety above partisan politics when making policy decisions. Furthermore, they call for measures that might help prevent similar tragedies.

Repeated school shooting lockdowns have left lasting scars on the University of North Carolina community, inflicting immense trauma upon students and faculty alike. It highlights legislators’ urgent duty to tackle gun violence head-on. The recent lockdowns at the University of North Carolina are a stark reminder of gun violence’s continued threat in America, with heartfelt pleas from students of MFOLS at UNC underscoring its urgency for effective gun control measures to avoid further tragedy. While our nation grapples with this pressing issue, hearing directly from those impacted is a compelling call to action for lawmakers to prioritize constituent safety over political considerations.

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