The term “bodyguard” is still widely used, although in today’s world of personal protection it’s now somewhat outdated. In the past, it was applied to anyone who was employed to protect an individual, with a stereotype image of muscle-men presenting an intimidating barrier between the general public and their client.

Today, while bodyguards still exist, the industry has become more highly-regulated, with the most highly qualified personnel going by the name of close protection officers.

The following discusses the extended training needed to carry out the ultimate in VIP protection.

VIP Protection: The definition

  •     The role of the bodyguard
  •     VIP, close protection, and executive protection

The role of the bodyguard

As already mentioned, the old school bodyguard tends to have a physically imposing appearance. It’s this that acts as the primary deterrent to unwanted attention. Bodyguards work reactively to threats and usually undertake a high profile role. If they do carry out driving roles they don’t generally offer qualified advanced driving tactics and, in many cases, they might not hold confirmed qualifications and/or documentation.

VIP, close protection, and executive protection

Today’s VIP protection is more usually carried out by close protection and executive protection officers. These professionals offer a rather different service, as characterized by the following:

      Offer a proactive solution that includes the identification and mitigation of risk to their client

      Generally low profile—carrying out an unobtrusive role that allows their client to carry on with their day-to-day life as far as is practicable.

      Trained in risk assessment, unarmed combat (armed combat in some cases) surveillance, and intelligence gathering

      Fully checkable credentials, insured, and compliant with state and country laws

      Often trained in defensive driving techniques

      Taking further aspects into account, such as their client’s family, data protection, living environment, transportation, and more.

Training Bodyguards for VIP Protection

The jump from bodyguard to close protection or executive protection officer involves extensive training. Regulated courses involve instruction in many areas, including the following:

      Responsibilities of the private security sector

      The security officer and the law

      Health and safety

      Communication skills

      Primary roles and responsibilities

      Threat assessment and risk analysis

      Surveillance awareness

      Operational planning

      Route selection and journey management

      Search procedures

      Venue security

      Incident management

      Conflict management

      Technology and systems in the security environment

      Communication, reporting, and record-keeping

Other additional elements of training bodyguards for VIP protection include firearms training, first aid and first responder training (including AED use), unarmed combat, concealed weapon and tactical shooting, driving skills, route planning, and more.

Each US state has slightly different laws regarding the legalities regarding registration as a close protection or executive protection officer. As the industry evolves and becomes more regulated, so the importance of training bodyguards for VIP protection duties increases. For those who want to hire their services, it’s imperative to select those with relevant qualifications and experience to ensure the ultimate protection.

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