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Jacob Roter often boards the subway at Myrtle Ave. in Bedford-Stuyvesant and Marcy Ave. in Williamsburg; after learning that two men had been stabbed while riding these stations within the past week while riding these train cars, this news left him thinking if perhaps riding his bicycle more frequently was more prudent.

Violence is part of human nature,” Roter noted, yet “it saddens me when innocent people are attacked. Police reported the first of the two stabbing incidents occurred early Sunday on elevated tracks near Broadway and Myrtle Ave at approximately 2:40 AM, as the 31-year-old victim was riding a J train when someone involved in their argument stabbed them multiple times to the torso before fleeing from the scene.
The NYPD recently released data showing transit crime has fallen by almost 8 percent year over year through June 11 of this year; 958 transit crimes were reported compared to 1040 the year prior.

Naomi Neuman of Bushwick admitted feeling shaken upon learning of at least four separate subway stabbing incidents that have taken place across Brooklyn and Manhattan since Tuesday, as at least four arrests may not occur as anticipated.
Neuman noted the increase was recent. She advised staying alert. Although she has a car, Neuman still takes public transit at night as she has yet to own one.

Police reported Sunday evening that two adult female victims who had their legs cut by someone fleeing Lexington Avenue and East 86 Street subway station early Sunday were both in stable condition, police stated.
Sisters Andrea and Sarah Wilson of Upper East Side relied heavily on this station when they learned of the attacks, riding home from work daily when Andrea Wilson heard the news. “This train takes me home every night after work – there have been too many dangerous things happening recently – it’s very scary.”

“We learned of it at another station,” stated Sarah Wilson. “Upon approaching, for an instant, I didn’t want to come. I felt terrified. As soon as we got off the train, I immediately started looking for ways out.” These incidents come on the heels of two deadly stabbing incidents involving commuters earlier this month, in which Tavon Silver, 32, of Bronx, was declared deceased at a hospital after authorities discovered him around 4 AM Saturday while riding a southbound 4 train entering Union Square station, authorities stated.

This weekend’s stabbings come on the heels of Jordan Williams, 20, from Jamaica Queens, being arrested and charged with manslaughter and criminal possession of a weapon for stabbing a 36-year-old man this Tuesday on the Williamsburg J Train. Williams is being charged with manslaughter and criminal possession of weapons related to this stabbing incident.

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