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If you believe you need the services of a private investigator, then you are likely experiencing a serious business or personal issue that requires expert help. Our private detective agency works to find the information and proof you need to protect yourself, your family or your business.

Fast Guard Service has private investigators and detectives ready 24/7 nationwide. Each of our professional private investigators is licensed and has extensive experience in the fields of infidelity investigations, background checks, employee verifications and more. They are trained to abide the law and provide advice and information regarding your situation. They will explain what they can and cannot do to help your situation.

If you have questions, are concerned about a situation or need answers that are eluding you, then our professional investigators are here to help. Regardless of if you need one, or an entire team, Fast Guard is here to help.

Hire a Private Investigator Now

The private investigators we employ at Fast Guard are former law enforcement and military members who are experts at finding and providing you with the proof you need. Our team has an extensive amount of experience in reporting techniques, as well as investigative law, including litigation issues, fraud investigation, infidelity investigations, and surveillance.

We provide support for you and your situation throughout the services we provide. If you are unsure of how to get started, all you have to do is give us a call. We can review your situation and develop a customized plan of attack and strategy to help you get the answers you want and need. No other private investigator service is going to put in the same amount of time or the same attention to detail as we do.


Expert Local Private Investigators Near Me: Trusted Resource


Are you looking for dependable investigation help? You can rely on the skills of our Expert Local Private Investigators Near Me. We realize the importance of having people nearby who fully understand your requirements. Our experienced professional team is committed to a broad range of investigative services.

Our local presence assures you direct access to experienced specialists when looking for a reliable private investigator near me. This quick availability streamlines contact and lets us immediately reply to your questions and issues. We understand that time is frequently essential when it comes to investigations.

Our private investigators service near me will deliver our unrivaled experience to your door. This approach helps us better comprehend your issue’s complexities and modify our research techniques appropriately. Whether you need surveillance, background checks, or legal aid, our specialists have the experience and equipment to give reliable findings.

We enjoy being a local private investigative firm that prioritizes secrecy and professionalism. Your sensitive concerns will be handled quietly and properly.


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What Services Our Private Investigators Offer

Our team is dedicated to helping you find the information you need to prove a legal case, find a missing person or handle other issues you are facing. Some of the specific services that are offered including:

  • Cheating Girlfriend
  • Cheating Boyfriend
  • Surveillance
  • Finding missing persons
  • Fraud investigations
  • Deep research
  • Background checks
  • Online dating
  • Infidelity
  • Child custody
  • Divorce Support

Our team of detectives isn’t what you see in the movies. We don’t wear sunglasses and trench coats. However, we have the experience and know how to find the information that is necessary for your particular situation. Our tactics are more discreet and always professional, providing you with the results you want.

What’s most important is that we take the necessary steps to ensure that our investigations are thorough and that you get the answers you are seeking. You don’t have to wait months or more to find out information. We provide regular updates regarding what we have found and revisit the strategy as needed to ensure the results are gained as quickly as possible.

Regardless of if you are facing a custody situation, divorce, runaway teen, cheating spouse or having to deal with cell phone and computer forensics, our job is to find, collect and organize all the facts and information, to reveal the irrefutable truth in your particular situation.

Local Private Investigators Skilled at Solving Your Dilemma

Divorce for some couples is unavoidable. However, it can leave a trail of complete devastation in its path. In many cases, children are the causalities of divorce, neglected, caught in the middle and even used as pawns by bitter parents. We can help during this troubled time by gathering the information necessary to help you retain full custody if that is your wish.

Catching Your Cheating Spouse

There are countless studies out there that have proven that if a woman feels as though her lover is cheating, they are right 80 percent of the time. For men, they are right approximately 50 percent of the time. If you suspect that the one you love is cheating, and you want to know the truth, you can count on Fast Guard to find it. We offer discreet yet effective solutions to help you get the answers you need.

Finding Runaway Teens

Has your teen gone missing? While some may not have disappeared on their own accord, the bottom line is that they need to be found. The longer that you wait to try and pursue finding your child, the less likely that they will ever return safely or without suffering any harm. Our private investigation services can help you find out what happened to your teen and help you restore your family.

Not All PI Services are Created Equal

You can’t trust just any private eye service with these delicate tasks and investigations. If you value discretion and want to ensure the job is done properly, then you need the team from Fast Guard. Our private investigators have been trained to handle the job, find the answers you are seeking, but avoid bring attention to themselves or you.

We understand that when you hire a private investigator, it is because you are seeking answers. While we go about our job to help you find these answers, we will keep the information and our efforts quiet. We remain professional, discreet and cordial throughout the process, ensuring the results of what we find exceed your expectations. You can have confidence that we will leave no stone unturned when it comes to helping you get the answers you need to go on with your life.

Methods Used by Our Private Investigators

Our trained staff utilizes a myriad of methods to help find the answers you are seeking. We will use surveillance, interview those close to the situation and work with local law enforcement to find out details about the case at hand. All of this is done in a way that doesn’t bring attention to you or the situation.

If you are trying to determine if your spouse is cheating, we can find an answer for you in a matter of days, providing you with peace of mind that you finally know the truth.

Our job isn’t always easy or fun, but we are dedicated to ensuring you get the answers you need. Our company is licensed and insured ensuring you get the results and answers you want and need.


Fast Guard’s private investigation services are affordable and reliable. Providing highly discreet operations.

  • Fraud Investigations
  • Asset Searches
  • Background Screening
  • Business Fraud Investigations
  • Undercover Workplace Employee Investigations
  • Adultery
  • Child Custody
  • GPS Tracking
  • Extramarital Affairs or Infidelity
  • Surveillance
  • Mystery Shopper Investigations
  • Due Diligence Investigations
  • Computer or Cell Phone Forensic Recovery Services
  • Skip Traces
  • Missing Persons Investigations
  • Interview and Interrogations Services
  • Juvenile Association Investigations

WE ARE LICENSED AND INSURED Private Investigation License #A1400070 | Security Agency License #B1300279


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    • Background Check & Employment Verification
    • GPS Tracking


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