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Hiring private security contractors for your event or business has become far more commonplace as people realize the benefits they bring. They offer a range of services, including on-site security guards, CCTV monitoring, first aid response, executive and VIP protection, armed guards, and more.

For both businesses and private individuals, utilizing the expertise of private contractors for an event or gathering is a sound security solution.

  • What Do Private Security Contractors Do?
  • What Do Private Security Contractors Cost?
  • What To Look For When Hiring A Private Security Contractor

What Do Private Security Contractors Do?

Private security contractors offer a wide selection of services. They’re often hired by individuals to police events such as weddings and parties, or companies who organize functions, including festivals, fund-raisers, and award ceremonies. Businesses often take advantage of private contractors to increase the safety of their premises and staff, as well as benefiting from the high deterrent brought about by the presence of security guards.

Some of the services offered by private security contractors include:

  • Crowd control and direction
  • Prevention and intervention of antisocial behavior
  • An immediate first aid response
  • Parking patrols – at events, in housing communities, at business premises,   etc.
  • Gate guards and roving patrols
  • VIP protection, personal protection, corporate executive protection
  • Theft prevention
  • Trained response to crime or incidents
  • The provision of armed security guards

In addition, contractors can carry out full risk assessments for all situations, ensuring that the best security provisions are put in place.

What Do Private Security Contractors Cost? 

For one-off events, the cost is usually calculated by determining the type of services needed and the number of hours the security personnel will be working. For ongoing contracts, such as those at business premises or executive protection, your chosen service provider will determine the charge based on the individual needs.

Hourly charges can range from anywhere between $20-$30 for an unarmed, basic security guard, through to upwards of $100 per hour for advanced, armed, military close protection experts.

Some of the factors that have a bearing on private security contractors costs include:

  • The requirements of individual security guards. Will they be required to carry a means of restraint, such as handcuffs? Are they there purely as a physical presence and to provide an alert, or to intervene should an incident take place?
  • Armed or unarmed: Those who carry lethal weapons command a higher cost. Most states require extra training and certification for guards to carry weapons, such as batons, tasers, pepper sprays, etc. Lethal and non-lethal armed private security contractors will cost more than basic security services.
  • The risk level of the job: The higher the risk, the higher the cost. This factors in both the risk to personnel and that of higher insurance premiums.
  • Location: Security in metropolitan areas (NYC, LA, etc.) usually costs more than those in rural areas or smaller towns. Overseas locations will also warrant higher prices, especially those considered to be within hazardous territories.

What To Look For When Hiring A Private Security Contractor

Cost shouldn’t be the sole driving factor when choosing a private security contractor. The reassurance of having an experienced, professional, licensed, and fully insured security service cannot be overstated, and it’s essential to ensure that your contractor not only adheres to necessary laws but that all of their guards undertake ongoing training and refreshers. 

Online reviews, word of mouth, and personal recommendations are all appropriate means by which to do some background checking before you settle on your choice of private security contractor. As in all walks of life, quality might cost a little more, but the peace of mind it brings is invaluable. When it comes to the provision of security services, it can also be life-saving. 

Fast Guard Service: A global solution for all your security needs 

Leading private security contractors, Fast Guard Service, are trusted around the world for the quality of their security services. By employing only personnel of the highest caliber, including many current and ex-military and law enforcement officers, clients are guaranteed a professional and expert security resource that’s perfectly tailored for their needs.

Their wholly-encompassing range means Fast Guard can provide bespoke security options to suit all event needs, from a one-off function to ongoing exhibitions, multi-locations, the protection of business premises, and corporate executive security.

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