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The highly skilled field of personal security is, for many, an essential aspect of their life. For those in need of such a service, it’s essential that their provider is highly experienced, trustworthy, and provides a bespoke solution tailored to their individual needs. Global provider, Fast Guard Service, is a world leader in the provision of personal security services in Georgia, nationwide, and further afield.

Personal Security Services in Georgia: Bodyguards

Bodyguards are commonly associated with celebrity protection and, while they do carry out work in this capacity, their services are far more encompassing than a simply visible deterrent. It’s a common misconception that bodyguards need to he high-profile, as the ultimate level of security is afforded through an unobtrusive presence that reacts only if the need arises. Bodyguards are highly trained individuals with a skill set that includes exceptional communication, situational awareness, and dedication to their role.

Personal Security Services in Georgia: VIP, Executive, and Corporate Protection

Close protection is the often used name for services that include corporate, VIP, and executive protection (the latter is also referred to as EP). While they carry out the same duties as a bodyguard, this level of personal protection provides a far more extensive level of service—one that involves initial and on-going risk assessments to determine the bespoke elements needed to ensure the safety for individual circumstances.

This has to be carried out while easily integrating into the client’s lifestyle, allowing them to go about their day-to-day activities with as little disruption as possible. Such seamless integration is only possible by operatives with extensive experience, a varied skillset, and excellent interpersonal skills.

Personal protection officers are also trained in first aid (at a minimum), may carry firearms, and, if needed, can extend the remit to cover members of the client’s family or associates.

Private Security Teams

In some scenarios, it might be necessary for personal security services to be provided by a team of professionals. This allows for round-the-clock protection, that of skilled protection drivers, the security of additional family members, and more. Typical individuals who might require the expertise of a private security team include high ranking political figures, celebrities, and top-level executives.

Worldwide Escorts 

Personal security is rarely only necessary in your home state, be it Georgia or elsewhere. Most people who require such intimate protection need to travel, perhaps beyond the borders of our own country. Security needs are always subject to change, making it essential to choose a provider that can evolve along with your requirements. Protection in other countries offers unique challenges depending on the destination, often necessitating further skills and expertise, especially in environments that might be considered hostile.

Other travel considerations include that of youths or vulnerable people to ensure their safety during a journey and to their destination. Goods also might require personal security services, especially those of a sensitive nature or high value.

The key aspect of all personal security services has its roots in the provider. A high element of trust is needed to hand responsibility for your safety (or that of your loved ones) to a third party.  From the very first contact, it’s vital that you know you’re in the capable hands of true experts who can determine the elements needed for a bespoke personal security service.

Fast Guard Service is an industry leader in the niche field of personal security. Their wide network of the highest caliber of operatives, combined with a center of excellence from which all security detail is directed, provides the ultimate in dynamic security services that can be quickly deployed in any area, from Georgia to the remotest areas of the globe. Their expert operatives are dedicated and established professionals who provide trusted personal security services in the US and all countries around the world.

To discuss your security needs in the strictest of confidence, contact Fast Guard’s expert team now.