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As a result of the recent hurricane, Panama City has increased their post hurricane security efforts.  Hurricanes, like any natural disaster, pose a serious risk not only to human lives but also to homes, businesses, infrastructures and financial steadiness.  It is estimated that the aftermath of hurricane Michael, which devastated Panama City and the surrounding areas, can incur costs up to 10 billion dollars.  It is vital that post hurricane security efforts be beefed up to protect people and businesses. Businesses should involve their security departments in their emergency management plans and also enlist the help of additional security services for response planning after the storm subsides. 

Hurricane Preparedness 

No one wants to think about preparing for the worst but, unfortunately, when you are a business owner and you live in a coastal city like, Panama City, being prepared for natural disasters should be part of your training.  For the business owners that were unprepared for hurricane Michael’s devastation, they are looking at a very costly event. The businesses that have onsite security guards are slightly ahead of the game because their guards already have disaster training and should be able to handle whatever comes their way.  While many individuals feel as though they are prepared to handle natural disasters, business owners have to think about more than just themselves; they need to consider their employees and facilities as well.  If a business owner has not properly prepared their business for the unfortunate event of a natural disaster, they could be placing their employees at risk and looking to incur major financial loses. This can be avoided by implementing proper training and hiring additional post disaster security services. 

Hiring Professional Post Disaster Security 

 The damage and devastation that Panama City is currently facing is massive. Businesses who were unprepared for the disaster, or even the ones who thought that they were prepared are now dealing with the aftermath of the storm.  At this point, many businesses find themselves implementing temporary repairs to their business such as backup power sources. They are also looking to find a permanent rebuilding solution for their ruined or damaged infrastructure and assets.  Having physical security services and security guards on the scene for these rebuilding efforts ensures a safer environment for business operations to commence and ultimately be completed within the specified timeline.  Post disaster security opportunities not only include having physical security guards present, but also using technology such as drones to help assess damages, identify any weak points in security and monitor the key assets.  For obvious reasons, some businesses are more important to get back up and running quickly as they are key to the restoration and functioning of the entire community.  Banks, hospitals and transportation services are vital to the proper functioning of Panama City and as such the streamlining of the secure recovery of these entities is vital for the functionality of the city. It is vital that these entities seek out additional post hurricane security so that they can safely and effectively get back to business as soon as possible.  That being said, each and every business located in Panama City provides its own assets to the community and the secure management of the post disaster recovery is vital for everyone. 

Why Hire Additional Trained Security? 

Every business, regardless of their size or function, should have trained security guards on hand to handle any scenario that is thrown their way, including natural disasters.  Many people do not realize the importance of having trained security available in the event of a natural disaster. Not only are trained security services important during a natural disaster, they are vital in the post disaster recovery as well.  Unfortunately, after a disaster such as a hurricane, looting and chaos usually ensues. Businesses are compromised, and some people use this as an opportunity to ravage them.  Businesses who are unprepared for a disaster of this magnitude can end up losing more than anticipated thanks to looters who take advantage of deserted businesses.  The presence of trained security guards at businesses helps to deter individuals looking to capitalize on the disaster. The additional costs to hire post hurricane security are well worth it as an unsecured business stands to lose a lot more than one that is secured.  If a business did not already have security measures in place prior to the hurricane, they will be looking to add more security after to protect their business and assets. This is where additional trained security personnel come in.  Increasing post hurricane security helps to ensure that businesses are protected during the chaos. Business owners have a lot on their plate, and many do not personally have disaster security training so hiring additional security to protect their businesses makes the most sense. 

A Step Towards Preparedness 

Hurricane Michael was the third most intense hurricane to hit the United States and it was the strongest storm in the Florida Panhandle on record. Storms of this magnitude do not happen often, thankfully, but they are becoming more prevalent.  Whether you believe in global warming or climate change or not, the fact is that storms and hurricanes are getting stronger and more prevalent.  Businesses and residents who live in hurricane prone areas need to be prepared for the unfortunate event of a natural disaster.  Having proper security training and personnel on hand is one way to ensure that businesses and employees are protected in the event of a disaster.  Enlisting the help of post hurricane event security officers and services is one way that Panama City is increasing their post hurricane security as they try to recover and rebuild from this tragic event. 

The Road to Recovery 

As the people of Panama City begin to recover from the aftermath of this tragic hurricane, post hurricane security has been a priority.  It will take time, money and hard work, but Panama City will be restored to its former glory. The presence of increased security will help ensure that the recovery and rebuilding process goes as smoothly as possible.  If you’re looking for post disaster security please call Fast Guard Service @ 844-707-0574