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The city of Orlando and in fact the entire country needs time to come to terms with what happened at the Pulse Nightclub only a short time ago. The 49 people that lost their lives are permanently etched in the nation’s consciousness as are the 53 that were wounded. What we can learn from such a terrible tragedy will unfold as time passes. Of course, we all need to mourn but just as importantly, we need to be sure we are protecting the life and liberty of America’s citizens. The New York Times reported just after the attack that gay clubs were seen as more than just meeting places by the people that frequented them. One survivor said in fact, they were a “safe zone” for a group of our citizens that can still feel marginalized by society. What the Orlando Private Security Guard industry can learn from statements like this is clear, even at these initial stages after what was the worst American mass shooting in history. We can do our part and join other caring individuals like Melissa Etheridge who has written a song about the horror of turning these safe zones into unimaginable crimes scenes. By keeping the standards high for the Orlando bodyguards we supply to area businesses and clubs, we hope to be part of a larger network of deterrents that will hopefully prevent one of these tragedies from ever happening again. Vigilance is Important Vigilance is important when it comes to the persons our industry hires. The best security guards in general and Orlando bodyguards specifically are licensed and insured but they also understand the most effective ways to patrol special events, clubs, or any area where there might be a potential for any kind of criminal activity. The best Orlando Security Guards servicing the community will know how to analyze the property that needs to be protected and which solution is the most cost-effective and secure. In some cases, an on-site security officer is the right choice, while in others remote monitoring is the correct path to take. Monitoring real-time surveillance video can give you the kind of blanket coverage that increases your overall security. Of course, you need to have the best camera angles and it’s important to make sure you use wireless or wired systems depending on your needs. It’s also important to consider the kind of coverage that you want to get. That’s the reason most experts in the field including Orlando Fire Watch professionals state that having a camera at each entrance and exit is a good idea so you’ll have a legal record of everyone who enters and exits any building. Outdoor nighttime cameras that are installed should have an adequate light source or be equipped with infrared capabilities. Area Theme Parks Orlando Private Security Guards have been taking notice of the responses from area theme parks like Universal Parks and Resorts and Walt Disney World and how they have been beefing up their security details in the wake of the tragic event at Pulse. One of the most important factors, whether you’re hiring security specialists or Orlando Bodyguards, is compliance with Florida Statutes 493. A class D security license is one of the prerequisites for entering the security field. There are a few telltale signs that mark the best of these courses as the ones producing the best graduates. The entire course should be around 40 hours long so important subjects like terrorism awareness and emergency procedures are covered. The courses that are offered by credible Orlando Security Services should also offer important instruction on the use of force and First Aid training. Prevent Future Tragedies Unfortunately, the New York Times has also reported the gunman boasted about links to groups like Al Qaeda and Hezbollah well before the attack at Pulse. Worst yet are the reports the killer went to the nightclub just hours before the shooting took place. These facts leave everyone in the United States and beyond wondering what can be done to prevent future tragedies like this from happening. Both Orlando Fire Watch and Orlando security guards performing essential services understand their place in prevention is in recognizing the threats before the crimes are committed. A big part of staying proactive is being in compliance as Orlando bodyguards with Florida statutes 493. That means understanding the safe operation of the firearm as a security professional and the principles of marksmanship, loading and unloading a weapon as well as the 4-step draw. The Statewide Firearms “G” Course is a prerequisite for those working in the security industry in Florida so they can be in accordance with Florida Administrative Code legal guidelines 5n-1. Diligence needs to be at the forefront of everyone’s mind after what happened in Orlando. With that said, there’s an important place for Orlando Security Guard Companies to include a variety of options that cover businesses, events, and individuals in the wake of the attacks on the Pulse Nightclub. They feature a variety of highly trained Orlando Bodyguards to Orlando Fire Watch specialists who understand the importance of watching your business while alarms are being installed. The industry hopes to do its part and follow in the brave footsteps of Pulse owner, Barbara Poma, who recently said there would be a future for the club. Contact one of the top security guard companies in Florida, Fast Guard Service headquartered in Miami, FL. 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