Miami and South Beach are known around the planet as home to and the playground of the rich and famous. In fact, all of Florida is home to not just the wealthy and the well-known, but is one of the largest vacation destinations in North America. Millions of people flock to the warm sunny beaches of Florida, and to enjoy the amusement parks and endless entertainment that the Sunshine State offers. This means many VIP’s flock to Florida and South Florida to entertain the millions of tourists that dominate the horizon of Florida for most of the year in the Northern part of the State and the panhandle and year round in Southern Florida.

Unfortunately, VIP’s are targets for the bad guys for many reasons, they are high profile, they have money and they simply are important for one reason or another. Even good and decent people can be a threat to a VIP or celebrity, simply trying to meet them or trying to get an autograph or a picture. This means that VIP’s need a certain breed of security guard and armed security guard to protect them.

VIP security details have to be skilled and experienced at many different things. They have to know how to protect and guard without being intrusive. They need to know how to make their presence felt while staying in the background. They need to understand the nuances of crowd control, self-defense, weapons training, but also must understand the importance of privacy and things like non-disclosure.

In short, VIP’s lead very complex and complicated lives, so VIP security guards and armed VIP security guards must be experts at protecting VIP’s. They must understand the complexities involved with such a charge. They also must be able to read a crowd, to spot potential threats and thwart or diffuse them before they can become a serious issue. Being a VIP security guard is not a job that anyone can handle, it takes a skilled, expert, highly trained individual, someone who has been on such details before.

If you are in charge of handling security for VIP’s, especially in Florida, South Florida, Miami and the South Beach area, Fast Guard Service is a firm that understands the nuances and complexities of guarding VIP”s. They specialize in private security details with years of experience, filled with guards who are trained to protect VIP’s with their very lives. They will protect VIP’s without getting in their way as well. It is important to protect but allow VIP’s to enjoy their daily lives as well. Fast Guard Service understands the nature of such matters, and can help handle any and all needs in regards to VIP body guarding. Contact Fast Guard Service today and they will answer any questions you may have.

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