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An explosive situation unfolded along Miami River as police investigated an attempted armed robbery aboard a yacht reportedly belonging to rapper Quavo from Migos (Quavious Marshall). Although an intense situation developed, no reported injuries resulted from this ordeal.

The yacht owner revealed that it had been chartered out earlier that day, accommodating between 13-17 people. Once paid for by charterers, something troubling transpired as soon as it came time for its captain to return the vessel: demands were made from them for a refund.

The captain related how one of his attackers threatened his life by suggesting they might throw him overboard and forcibly take his wallet containing approximately $3,500 and his phone. A crew member also faced threats during this ordeal.

Cellphone video recorded the dramatic scenes aboard and an intense police presence with officers aiming rifles. At the same time, people raised their hands to signal compliance and raise them again for Quavo to be detained as part of this investigation.

Though the incident appears serious, conflicting statements by crew members appear to make an arrest and charges unlikely at this stage. Furthermore, Wharf Miami, where police stopped and made entry, did not play any part in it.
Authorities are conducting their investigation in detail and closely scrutinizing text messages that reveal disagreements over the rental hours of the boat. Furthermore, two weapons were discovered aboard, which did not play any part in this incident.

Even though this shocking incident remains rare in their community, witnesses expressed their concern and hope it never happens again.  Connect to best fast security services and secure yourself.