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According to “The Kaulkin Report” produced by the Kaulkin Ginsberg Company 80 percent of judgements awarded remain uncollected (“Frequently Asked Questions”). As many people find out, once the judge awards a judgement the battle to obtain money owed has only just begun. This can be quite disheartening when you take into account the cost of acquiring an attorney, paying court costs and that’s on top of the time that it all takes, after all, time is money and to most of us time is the most precious commodity of all!

If, after jumping through all of the hoops and following all of the rules trying to recover what is rightfully yours, you find you are a little lost and A LOT frustrated, don’t lose heart, there is still more you can do!

There are tools offered through the court that you can utilize to collect the debt if the party that you have the judgement against still refuses to pay what is owed. The three most common means of obtaining monies owed are through:

Wage Garnishment
Bank Levy
Property Liens (“Judgment Recovery – Skip Tracing Your Way To Success Collecting Judgments”)
All three of these are completely legal and authorized for use by the court system as ways to collect on judgements.

For each of these methods there are specific things you must know about the party that you are attempting to collect the debt against. For example, in order to garnish wages you must know where someone works and their social security number. Once that information is obtained you file the proper forms with the court and wait for payments to begin. If the method of recovery is to be via bank levy then social security, bank account and routing numbers must be identified so the account can be seized. No matter the method chosen personal information is needed.

Luckily there is a cost effective method to obtaining this method. If you have the time there are judgement recovery services available online to learn how to become a skip tracer or private investigator. However, if you do not plan on leaving your day job any time soon, Fast Guard Security Services offers all the necessary security services for successful judgement recovery.

Fast Guard Service specialize in asset searches, skip traces, background screening, locating missing persons, and much more! Fast Guard Services has a very robust private investigative division with the ability to fulfill any need. Please visit our private investigation page for more detailed information.

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