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If you are feeling unsure about your partner or spouse’s faithfulness, running an infidelity investigation can help qualm your fears or catalyze honestly and place solutions into motion. Infidelity investigations done by a private investigation company can be as hands on or off as you prefer and those being watched are never put in harm’s way. Fast Guard Service will work with you to determine the extent of the investigation you want and the lengths to which your investigative team will go.

If you are seriously thinking about hiring a PI to determine your partner’s fidelity, consider these rules of thumb before hiring:

  • Take note of decreased intimacy in your relationship.

For example, notice if your partner is less intimate with you or appears (say in dress or hygiene) to be prepping for intimacy elsewhere.

  • Do not confront your partner about the suspicion.

In the event that the disloyalty leads to legal action, it will be imperative that you have proof. If you tip off your partner, they might be able to evade the investigation.

  • Write down their excuses.

Why can’t they go to events? Why are you continually uninvited in their plans?

  • Gather evidence.

Whenever possible, collect credit card statements, pay stubs or email messages. These might contradict a later hypothetical story and can be presented as convincing evidence against their case.

If these factors begin to shape up as a case against your partner and you either need more convincing or hard evidence for a legal case, this is how an investigator will help you:

  • Your PI will be licensed and experienced. This ensures the use (usually) of evidence obtained and measures taken to get it. You can also trust that your PI will be discreet and safe.
  • Your PI should have experience with spousal infidelity. You want someone who can read tell tale signs of a cheating partner and call their next shots to catch them in the act.
  • Your PI will implement the following surveillance techniques to serve you and your case:
    • Physical surveillance
    • Decoys
    • Social network investigation
    • GPS tracking
    • Hidden cameras
    • Internet monitoring
  • Your PI should offer you a competitive price for their experience and proven track record.
  • Your PI will be fully committed to your investigation and will expect the same from you. Compliance and discretion will be necessary from your end for the desired result.

When you’re ready to hire a private investigator miami, contact Fast Guard Service. We look forward to helping you find answers and move onto your next phase of life.