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Whether you’re just starting out in business or looking to grow an existing one, the security and safety of your business and employees should be one of your top priorities. If you run any kind of brick and mortar business, you want to make sure you aren’t attracting any unwanted attention from burglars looking to harm your business. 

In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the strategies and techniques you can implement to keep your business safe and secure.

You can never safeguard 100% against burglary but with proper care and planning the chances of a burglary occurring can be greatly reduced. 

Here are some tips to consider:

Have An Awareness Of Your Surroundings

If you’re opening a new business, one of the first things you should do is gain an awareness of the area your considering opening it in. Ask yourself: does the area have a high crime rate? Does the area have a history of burglaries? These are the kind of questions you’ll need to be thinking about. 

One of the best ways to carry out this research is to speak to other local business owners in the area to see whether they’ve ever been the subject of a burglary attempt or have any knowledge of any burglaries that have occurred in the area. 

Lock The Burglar Out

While it may not be possible to completely negate the risk of a burglary, having secure locks on every entrance will help prevent a burglar from breaking in. A type of lock to look into is the pin-cylinder lock, experts say a pin-cylinder lock can be one of the best locks to use due to the difficulty of picking one. 

Dead cylinder locks can also be useful as a key from either side must be used to open them. These locks make it extremely difficult for a burglar to break into your business.

Have An Alarm System In Place  

There are different types of alarm monitoring systems to choose from, with some being more sophisticated than others. Combining an effective alarm system with a video surveillance system will be enough to deter most burglary attempts. If you want to take things to the next level you can even consider a security monitoring service. With a security monitoring service for your business, you’ll have a security team on hand should an incident occur. 

How Fast Guard Services Can Help

As a business owner, the success of your business can be defined by how safe it is but also how safe your employees feel in their workplace. Thankfully professional help is at hand to help you solve any security issues your business may be facing.

Fast Guard Service is a fully licensed/insured private security company that provides surveillance systems and armed security guards that will help to protect your business. The Fast Guard Service team offers exceptional knowledge within each nuance of the profession. 

For expert advice on what your business needs to stay secure, contact Fast Guard Service today.