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Merry Christmas! Happy New Year! Happy Thanksgiving! These are all great sayings we hear during the holiday season, among others. It is a great time of year, a time celebrating peace and love. It is a festive time of year, once when families and friends gather to celebrate each other and all that they have and enjoy. It is a happy time of year, one that many look forward to each and every year! Or at least it’s supposed to be. Unfortunately we live in a world filled with angry, crazy people, and the holidays often knock them turn Grinch. Instead of being the best time of the year, for some it can be a nightmare. You see, the Holidays also bring holiday crowds, Black Friday and an intense shopping season that gets worse and worse year after year, and unfortunately in this day and age, threats of violence and terrorism. The holidays have also become a dangerous season, when we must be most vigilant to protect the innocent when they are gathering to celebrate peace and joy. In the USA the need for event security and event staffing increases greatly as the holiday season approaches and unfolds. With parades and sales and Santa Claus visiting malls and stores, there are tons of gatherings and mobs, putting all who attend at risk. Even shoppers can become dangerous at Christmas time. Ask anyone who has ever been involved in a Black Friday altercation. But Christmas events especially require event security, as thousands and thousands of people attend holiday events in Miami each and every year. With children and families gathered to celebrate and enjoy, there is never a bigger need for event security during the holidays. Whether it is a simple Santa line for the kids, a large Christmas party or New Year’s Eve party or a Christmas parade, when people gather to celebrate in this day and age they must be protected, and crowd control must be maintained or tragedy may strike. Fast Guard Service specializes in holiday event security, and they are available to help with all security needs throughout the holiday season. Fast Guard Service maintains the best staff of armed security guards and event security specialists that can be found anywhere in the nation. If you have a holiday event planned in  contact Fast Guard Service right away, so they can put their expertise to work protecting your patrons and your holiday event. Fast Guard Service LLC Website: //