Entrepreneurs around the country are taking interest in opening new medical marijuana dispensaries thanks to its new legal status in many states. 

Medical marijuana is gaining traction all across the nation and with that comes new dispensaries that need to be properly monitored and protected. 

While medical marijuana is becoming more wide spread, there are certain regulatory laws that pertain to any marijuana business, most specifically, dispensaries. CCTV installation for marijuana dispensaries is mandatory in most states in order to remain compliant with state laws. 

Due to these stringent laws, it is important that those who own and operate dispensaries hire professional CCTV installers to meet the requirements of marijuana facility operations. 

In this article we will discuss why CCTV installation for marijuana dispensaries is important. 

Why Surveillance in Dispensaries is Necessary 

States that allow medical marijuana dispensaries to operate enforce strict laws regarding video surveillance. There are many security threats when it comes to dealing with marijuana including: 

Loss Prevention: If you are a dispensary owner or manager, you understand the need to protect your assets which is why it is crucial that you invest in loss prevention measures. Strategically placed security cameras at all entrances and exits helps to prevent theft and captures images of those who manage to break into the building. 

In addition to cameras at entry ways, they should also be installed where cash and stock are handled to prevent robbery and inventory shrinkage by customers and employees. 

Employee Theft: Unfortunately, as a business owner, you may run into dishonest employees who are not afraid to take cash or product right from under your nose. As a dispensary manager, you cannot always be present to monitor your employees, making it vital that you have CCTV cameras strategically placed to deter such actions or catch them if they occur. 

Grow Monitoring: In addition to the security that CCTV installation provides in a marijuana dispensary, it is also a way for facility operators to monitor their crops and the growing process. This helps to ensure that every marijuana plant is harvested efficiently and to the highest standards of quality. 

The growth of marijuana seeds requires a lot of detailed attention. Capturing video footage of growing operations ensures that only the best practices are being utilized in the growth process. 

This helps to ensure that there are only high quality products being sold to consumers. Facility managers are able to catch bad practices that would cultivate a low quality product before it hits the shelves and is sold to customers. 

Every medical marijuana dispensary has different security needs based on its size and location. Some dispensaries are small store fronts while others are large and maintain their own growing operations. 

It is important that you know and understand the specific laws in your state regarding video surveillance for your dispensary so that you remain complaint. 

Marijuana dispensaries are a big target for those looking to vandalize a business and make a profit, making CCTV installation in marijuana dispensaries vital to their success.