The Big Apple is known as the financial capital of the free world, but it is also the heart and soul of the United States. It is a maddeningly frenetic, extremely populated metropolis, filled with all kinds of people and businesses. It also is often a target, for criminals, swindlers, and sadly even terrorists. That is why choosing the right security firm in NYC is so important. The potential dangers in New York are many. That means when choosing a security guard company in NYC you want to be very careful and do your homework.

The best way with so many security companies to choose from in NYC is to rate the companies based on important criteria. By rating security companies on the same criteria and the same basis, the best companies can be identified and ranked accordingly.

Here are things to look for when rating security guard companies in NYC:


  1. Reputation: Nothing is more important to any company, especially in the Big Apple where there are so many people and so many potential customers, than a great reputation. This could not be truer than when it comes to security companies. Security companies in NYC must guard, defend and protect, often many people and extremely valuable property. A hard earned reputation is the greatest calling card of the best security guard companies in NYC.
  2. Longevity of Staff: There are many companies in NYC, and a ton of security companies, NYC is simply the heart and epicenter of the United States. So security officers have plenty of employment opportunities to choose from. That is why another way to find whether or not a security guard company in NYC should be rated highly or not is based on the turnover rate of the security guards and the employees. Companies with a veteran staff have kept their people for good reason; they are a good company to work for and usually a company to be proud of.
  3. Client List: Another way to find out just how high or low a security guard company in New York should be ranked is by the client lists that they boast. There are many extremely large companies in New York, not to mention VIP’s. Security companies in NYC have a large market based, but excellent security companies in NYC boast a large client list with important clients, who won’t place their safety or the safety of their property in just anyone’s hands.
  4. Size: Last but not least, to be a successful security guard company in NYC, the security guards must have state of the art equipment, up to date training, and all of the support and infrastructure they need. These things are expensive, and for good reason, so security companies in NYC need to have plenty of resources dedicated to their security systems and equipment. The bigger the company the better in this case, so a large respected regional or national company should be highly rated.

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