Sadly even establishments like schools, libraries and hospitals are not even safe anymore. There have been a number of staggering statistics that have led to a massive surge of armed security guards being hired to protect and patrol hospitals. It is a sad day and age when the sick and wounded must be protected from violence, and often violence in hospitals is perpetrated against employees and not patients, but that is where we are in society today.

Here are a few frightening statistics that paint the picture for you:

  • Over 50% of hospital security are now armed
  • The number of armed guards in hospitals has more than quadrupled in the last decade
  • Violent crime incidents in hospitals have quadrupled in that same time period
  • More than 10,500 acts of violence have been committed against hospital employees in the last few years alone
  • Many hospitals are hiring armed guards part time, such as overworked off duty police officers
  • Many security guards guarding healthcare facilities are not properly trained in regards to weaponry

Healthcare institutions must be safe zones for the patients that need care and the employees, nurses and doctors that supply that care. Unfortunately there are many in the world today who respect nothing, and will just as soon bring violence to a hospital as anywhere else. That is why so many hospitals now employ armed security and armed guards to protect both patients and staff.

If you are a hospital administrator or are responsible for the security of a health care facility and you see the need to hire armed guards to protect your facility and the people that depend on it, make sure you do some homework before hiring a security firm to handle the job. You want experienced armed security guards that understand the nuances of protecting a healthcare facility, which involves tact and understanding.

The guards that protect the welfare of hospital patients and employees must be highly trained, especially in regards to weapons usage and safety. They must utilize state of the art surveillance tools and keep track of routine patrols and what they find. They must be able to identify potential threats and hazards, and eliminate them immediately.

Fast Guard Service // is a security firm that specializes in hospital security projects. Their armed guards are well-trained and boast years of experience. If you represent a hospital in or around Miami, the state of Florida or in the US, Fast Guard Service can help with any and all needs that you may have.

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