Our country has seen an alarming upsurge in school shootings and gun violence. It has touched the lives of almost every school-going kid in America in some way or form. At an age when children should feel safe and secure going to school, they’re beset by the terror of gunshots. With parents, teachers, and most importantly, our children living in so much fear, installing onsite security services is a need of the hour.

Since the Sandy Hook Elementary incident in 2012, there have been 948 school shootings in America. School shootings don’t occur randomly. They are strategically planned. According to research, almost 93% of school shootings were organized.

The recent Texas Robb Elementary school shooting has been the most brutal attack to date and will remain seared in our memories. The pain of losing a child to a preventable attack is unimaginable. Yet even when K-12 school communities have been a prime target, the threat is felt by students of all ages.  

Why Existing Security Measures Aren’t Enough

Most schools ensure school safety by monitoring the doors or locking them under school hours. Many others install security cameras, implement strict dress codes with picture IDS, and use metal detector checks. And while all these measures are imperative, they are not foolproof.  

Metal detectors are expensive. They create a prison-like feeling in schools, remind students that they’re still living in threat, and even affect their academic performance. Gun violence and mass shootings have robbed young school-going kids of their peace, safety, and childhood. It is not fair. Our children are afraid and vulnerable. Any threat to their lives is a threat to our future and this country.

Hiring Security Guards in Schools

It seems that existing measures only respond to the crisis. They haven’t done much to effectively control school shootings. What our schools truly need is a security body to pre-empt the danger, identify early signs, and stop the attack before it happens.

Hiring well-trained, trustworthy security guards is an affordable way to create safety and security for students and teachers. Many school officials are actively hiring private security teams to guard school buildings and ensure that children remain well-protected on the premise.

With security guards on alert throughout the school hours, everyone can feel emotionally and physically safe. A well-trained security team is an affordable and lasting solution for schools. It can:

  • Offer complete protection
  • Efficiently identify threats and stop them
  • Maintain a safe and friendly order on the premise
  • Be accessed for help or assistance immediately
  • Are quite friendly with kids

It is essential to hire security guards for not just elementary schools but daycare, middle schools, and high schools too. Students of all ages deserve to feel safe in public places, especially schools. By investing in our children’s safety, we are safeguarding the future of America.  

If you’re looking for a well-trained, professional security guard for your school, get in touch with Fast Guard Services at or call for a free quote at 1-844-254-8273. We promise nationwide, unparalleled security services!

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