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• 24/7 Surveillance: Unfortunately crimes don’t occur on a 9 to 5 timeline. They tend to happen at the worst time, and usually that is by design. Criminals know that off hours and late hours pose less of a problem for them. There are less people about, and there is less likelihood of resistance, help, or observance. Therefore they target hours when people are not around, about or even awake. That is why 24/7 surveillance is so important in regards to preventing or deterring crime and general safety. Private security needs to be on the scene at all times, watching and protecting. The last thing you want is to worry about your estate while you travel, or to worry about safety while you sleep.

• Patrols: Routine patrols can deter criminals from even thinking about committing a crime on the premises. The patrols should be regular but the times should vary so that no criminal can set a time line, but the fact that private security is on site and active will make most criminals look elsewhere or at least think twice before they commit a crime. Mobile Patrols also can find and address problems as they arise, that might be missed through electronic surveillance alone.

• Presence of Trained, Armed Security Guards: Simply the presence of private security, especially experienced private guards, can mean the difference between safety and danger, Think about it, if you were a criminal, would you attack a place with no private security, or one with armed, private security whose sole purpose is to stop you? Face it, criminals may be lazy but they aren’t all stupid. The presence of private security is perhaps the best deterrent for crime that you can find.

• Emergency System at the Ready: Private security on site is the best protection for your estate that you can find, but as a bonus if a crisis should arise a good private security firm is set up and ready to deal with it. Private security should have an emergency system in place so they can contact emergency forces and have the help they need on site as quickly as possible.

• Find and Address Dangerous or Potential Problem Areas: Another benefit of regular patrols and 24/7 CCTV camera surveillance is that security specialists get to know your estate inside and out, so they can identify potential problem areas or weak links in your estate security. Once these “problem” areas are identified, steps can be taken to fix any issues or problems that they present, before there ever is a problem.

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