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With 2019 upon us, there are plenty of parties and events to attend. If you are an event promoter, you may be wondering if you need event security and how much it will cost you.  The importance of Professional Security Guards  When you mix together a crowd, alcohol and a party atmosphere, there is always the chance that things can get out of hand.  Situations tend to escalate quickly when alcohol is involved. Even without alcohol, party atmospheres can incite trouble amongst even the tamest crowd.  Hiring trained security guards to patrol your event is the best way to protect your event and all those in attendance. Without security in place to moderate and handle issues, situations can turn ugly fast putting a damper in your party or causing harm to party goers.  Even if you are hosting a party on the smaller side, it is wise to hire a security guard to help keep the party in check and ensure that it goes off without a hitch.  Larger parties and crowds can even draw in more unwanted negativity such as the threat of a terrorist act. Unfortunately, the threat of terrorism is real and something that we all need to be cognizant of in order to stay safe.  While you probably don’t want to entertain the idea of your event or party being the target of a terrorist attack, it is important that you prepare for the worst.  How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Security Guard?  The cost to hire professional security guards will depend on several factors, however, on average you can expect to pay a trained guard between $10-$20 per hour to work your event or party.  The amount you pay will also depend on where you hire your security from. There are many licensed and certified security companies with guards for hire that you can commission to work the security detail for your event.  Each of these agencies will have their own pricing and qualifications. The more experienced and certified a security guard is, the higher they will charge for their services.  In any case, the cost to hire a security guard is well worth the investment if it means that your party or event will be safe and protected against potential risks.  As the event host, it is your responsibility to ensure that the guests at your party are safe and protected from harm to the best of your ability. Proper event security will help to ensure this.  Responsibilities of Event Security Guards -Oversees and reports any suspicious activity to event coordinator -Preserves order and enforces regulations -Patrols the venue on foot to ensure that there are no safety hazards -Responds to any incidents that may arise -Reports and logs every action taken Planning and coordinating an event can be stressful, don’t add event security to your party day to-do list, hire a professional security guard to patrol and protect your guests  

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