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How Does Managed Security Services Work? 

Companies of all sizes rely on the quality and integrity of their technology. Customer and business data is sensitive, requiring stringent and reliable security to ensure the business complies with its legal obligations and instills customer confidence.

In today’s ever-changing cyber-world, guaranteeing such staunch defenses 24/7/365 can be a challenge. This is where managed security services are hugely advantageous, providing industry expertise and negating the need for companies to waste precious resources trying to manage the threats in-house.

The following discusses how managed security services work and the reasons so many companies now outsource to such professionals.

How Does Managed Security Services Work: The basics 

  •     What are managed security services?
  •     Why use managed security services?

What are managed security services?

Managed security services are when an organization uses an outsourced provider to take care of their data security. They are known as a Managed Security Service Provider, or MSSP. This third party will take over the administration and infrastructure of the firm’s digital aspects, protecting them and carrying out the necessary and ongoing adaptations necessary to provide a robust firewall against all cyber issues.

This service can take place in-house, but most MSSPs work remotely via the cloud. 

Why use managed security services? 

Using MSSPs offers many advantages. The most common being that the field is highly specialized, so by hiring an external provider companies can rest assured that they benefit from the expertise necessary to evolve to an ever-changing threat. Cyber-criminals are hugely adaptable, and having the relevant security in place to deflect current threats requires intricate knowledge.

By using an MSSP a company knows that its IT security is always up-to-date, allowing them to get on with all the other elements of running their business.

How Does Managed Security Services Work: The details

  •     Management and implementation

Management and implementation

Online threats come thick and fast, and cyber-crime changes rapidly. The job of an MSSP is to monitor and manage the company hardware and data it holds. This is carried out in many different ways, but is likely to include the following:

      Device management: Overseeing the physical devices that your company owns, ensuring their security is up to date.

      Vulnerability management: Carrying out an overhaul on the company hardware, software, and user habits to determine any weaknesses. They will then advise on steps to be taken to strengthen your defenses.

      Login monitoring and management: Overseeing all use of the company systems, flagging any issues, and putting in place relevant procedures to ensure online safety.

      System upgrades: Implementing necessary upgrades and determining any changes.

      Managing Firewalls: This will include detecting and acting upon any intruder alerts, blocking viruses, and reducing/eliminating spam.

      Ongoing staff training: So that all employees are aware of how to act responsibly online.

      Setting up a VPN: A VPN (virtual private network) is often good practice to assist with online security.

Another option is a partially managed security service, whereby the expert external contractor works with a company’s own IT department to ensure their current knowledge of the latest threats.

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