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Fast Guard

The area of child custody is highly emotive, often involving allegations from one or both parties against the other. So can hiring a private investigator help? 

The following discusses the functions such a professional can perform and how they might assist your case.

An Overview of Child Custody

  •     Different types of child custody

Different types of child custody

There are two different types of child custody: legal custody and physical custody. The first covers the caregiver’s right to make legal decisions on behalf of the child. The second is to do with whom the child will live. Both can either be the responsibility of one person—sole custody—or both parties, joint custody.

Why You Might Need to Hire a Private Investigator

  •     Reasons to hire a PI

Reasons to hire a PI

By far the most common basis to hire a PI to help regarding child custody is when a parent has concerns for their child’s welfare. This could be for a multitude of reasons, most of which are to do with whether or not the other party can provide a stable environment for the child when in their care.

Private investigators are licensed and well-versed in the laws of the state in which they practice. They can also provide testimony in court.

The Role of the Private Investigator

  •     How can a private investigator help with child custody cases: Gathering evidence
  •     Asset searches
  •     Interviewing witnesses
  •     Background checks

How can a private investigator help with child custody cases:

Gathering evidence 

This is the primary role of the private investigator and commences with an in-depth meeting to understand what needs to be carried out to gather the relevant evidence. This can be collated and presented in various formats, including images and videos taken in places that are not considered to be private. Examples of such locations include:

      In the street

      In a front yard

      Whilst shopping or socializing

The reasons a party might require such evidence are many, but these should only be relevant to determining who gets custody of the child. For instance:

      Concerns about drug and/or alcohol use around the child

      A romantic partner living in the home or spending time when the child is present

      Evidence that the child is being allowed to carry out behavior unsuitable for their age. For example, being allowed to stay up too late, not being encouraged to complete homework, etc.

      Any other proof that a parent might be neglecting or abusing a child

Asset searches

This is an area in which private investigators excel, and is relevant in cases where a party is claiming they don’t have the finances to support a child or children. If a person is hiding assets a PI can attempt to uncover proof of this. It can be used to provide evidence that a parent or caregiver is trying to shirk their responsibilities.

Interviewing witnesses

There are many people involved in the life of a child. Interviews with them can provide valuable evidence that the court can take into account. Such people might include:



      Friends of the parent/caregiver

      Counselors or health care professionals

Background checks

Carrying out background checks on the other parent/caregiver and anyone who has contact with the child is another important aspect of evidence gathering.

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