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Hospital security is at the top of many hospital’s priority lists coming into 2019. With the onslaught of hospital security breaches over the past few years, its time to hire hospital security near you to protect the institution and the people inside it. 

Hospitals are open 24/7, with people and patients coming in and out at all hours of the day. Without proper security measures in place, hospitals are at high risk for dangerous situations. 

Hospitals are the place we go when we need help, where our loved ones visit when we are ill. It is a place filled with both joy and sorrow. 

Most people don’t think about the immense security strategy that must be in place in order to maintain a hospital’s reputation for being a safe space. 

Why Hospitals Require Professional Security 

There are a number of reasons why hospitals require the services of professional security personnel. 

Physical attacks on patients and staff: Studies have shown that in recent years, the number of physical attacks on hospital staff and patients have increased dramatically. 

It is vital that healthcare workers feel safe when they come to work to perform their duties to the best of their ability. 

From mentally unstable hospital patrons to disgruntled family members, there are many dangers present that can arise when staff is least expecting it. 

The use of strategically placed security cameras and physical guards on the premises will act as a deterrent and provide some additional peace of mind to hospital staff. 

Equipment and Medicine Theft: Hospitals house hundreds of thousands of dollars of equipment and medicine, making them an ideal target for vandals who are looking to cash in big time. 

Medications are one of the most commonly stolen items from hospitals, many times it is the staff themselves who are pilfering them. 

In order to combat this, a system of secure access cards and locked areas can be used to help keep medications and expensive equipment out of easy reach. 

Entry and Exit Verification: Hospitals need to implement security measures that ensure everyone who comes in and out of the building are accounted for and monitored. Staff members should be required to wear ID badges at all times. 

A well thought out ID card system will prevent unauthorized persons from gaining access to areas that they should not. 

Employee Security Breaches: Sadly, one of the biggest security obstacles that hospitals face comes in the form of employees misusing their job as a way to gain access to classified patient information. 

In order to help prevent this issue from occurring, a well thought out security plan with an audit trail of all hospital information activity should be implemented. 

There is technology available that allows hospitals to track who has accessed what data, making it more difficult to get away with accessing and misusing patient and hospital data. 

Hospitals are the place we go when we need help, we all want to feel as though we have a safe haven in our time of need. In order to maintain a secure environment, hospital administrators need to hire adequate security. 

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