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Why do I need To Hire a Fire Watch Guard in California?

Fire watch services in California keep vulnerable property, equipment, and people safe from dangerous fire hazards. Typically, fire watch guards are deployed in an area where hot work is taking place, where a fire alarm or sprinkler system is malfunctioning or down, or in the wake of a natural disaster that caused a power outage. They act as an extra safety measure to keep valuable capital, infrastructure, and any people on the premise out of harm’s way due to an unforeseen fire.

While only a temporary solution during the interim that fire systems are not working properly, fire watch guards are essential because at these times, property is at extremely high-risk for ignition. Whether the risk is the type of work being performed or the lack of other safety measures, a fire watch company can serve as peace of mind that the things that are most important will be out of harm’s way.

Fires do not discriminate. Tragic fire accidents can cause complete losses of warehouses, businesses, factories, apartment buildings, or hotels. Choosing the right fireguard company is an important component of proactive crisis management for any commercial structure. Fast Guard Service Fire Watch Guards provides reliable, expert-level fire watch guards to ensure fire won’t damage or destroy any property.


What are the different types of Fire Watch Services Offered?

• General fire watch
• Around the clock 24 Hour fire watch
• Security services for fire watch
• Maintenance of fire watch logs
• Security for operations of fire detection systems
• Final approval of fire detection systems by Fire Marshall
• Company serviced fire watch


Do I need Fire Watch for Hot Work?

Hot work includes construction processes such as welding, soldering, brazing, riveting, or flame cutting. The US Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration outlines the official safety requirements for these kinds of hot work, which include fire watch guards in some cases. At Fast Guard Service, LLC, all our fire watch guards are fully OSHA-certified to ensure that you get the credible and reliable fire watch services your business or property needs.

As stated by OSHA’s general requirements for welding, cutting, and brazing, fire watchers are required in locations where there is welding or cutting and any of the following circumstances are present:
• A minor fire may develop
• Combustible material is within 35 ft. of work performance
• Openings within that 35-ft radius expose nearby combustible material
• Combustible materials located on the opposite sides of metal separators such as partitions, walls, or ceilings could likely ignite by a result of radiation or conduction

Usually, before a hot work permit is issued, an outline of fire watch needs is provided in the contract. The area must be inspected for common fire culprits such as dirty rags, trash, fuel sources, and any flammable liquids.

When you call Fast Guard Service, we will dispatch an OSHA-certified guard to provide hot work guarding services. The fire watch guard will monitor all exposed areas for a possible fire. They will know how to sound alarms immediately if the fire is detected. Their only duty is monitoring for fire, so as to ensure full focus on maintaining safety. Their full surveillance continues for 30 minutes after hot work is completed, to allow all equipment and materials to cool down completely.