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Our Firewatch security guard service at Fast Guard Services helps to prevent fire outbreaks. Earlier, when there were no preventative measures taken for the fire outbreak, business owners used to face financial losses and other property damages. Do you worry if your business or property will likely face such damages that will result in business fines and shutdowns? Fast Guard Security’s quick and reliable Firewatch Guard services have you sorted! Hiring a Firewatch Security company solves the problem. Hire our Firewatch security services now!

We uphold the values of integrity and honesty to provide our best services to our clients and help them with their security needs to build lasting relationships.

Hire Fire Watch Security Guards for Protection

Hiring fire watch security guards is a wise and responsible option for protecting properties and maintaining occupant safety. When fire alarm systems fail, or fire suppression systems need repair, the likelihood of a fire breakout increases. In such cases, having trained fire watch security guards on duty becomes critical to reducing possible dangers and ensuring a quick reaction in an emergency.

Fire watch security guards are exceptionally trained experts capable of identifying fire threats, enforcing safety rules, and responding quickly to danger indicators. Their presence gives peace of mind to property owners and workers, tenants, and visitors, who can be assured that their safety is a priority.

Businesses and property owners show their dedication to safety and compliance with fire rules by employing fire watch security personnel. These guards regularly patrol, keep thorough records and collaborate closely with fire department employees to ensure flawless emergency coordination.

Finally, hiring fire watch security guards is an investment in protection and risk reduction. Potential losses due to fire disasters may be considerably reduced by being proactive and prepared while the security and safety of everyone involved remain essential.


What is a Fire watch Service?

Hiring a Firewatch Guard is essential to help you in case of a Fire alarm malfunction. If you do not have firefighting equipment available and in check, do not worry; our Firewatch Guards patrol the business site or any other location 24/7 throughout the year. We ensure that our Firewatch Guards Security would identify the fore hazards efficiently and alert the fire department, in time, in case of a fire outbreak.

Firewatch security is an arrangement that ensures a person or patrols physically and daily checks buildings and other property. It keeps an eye for extreme fire hazard situations or when there is a high risk of a fire-related incident like ‘hot work’ processes like flame-cutting or soldering taking place on-site or in case of a malfunctioning alarm or sprinkler system on site. The patrol records a log for each patrolling round and immediately connects to the fire department in case of emergency or any inefficiency.

What is the Fire watch Security Guard service exactly that Fast Guard Security offers?

We offer nationwide Firewatch services; we ensure that our Firewatch guards reach your location in under 4 hours. Our licensed Firewatch Guards are specially trained and experienced in providing emergency fire watch to businesses that are in the process of installing a fire protection system or have issues with their current fire alarm system.

Our trained Firewatch security personnel check all fire extinguishers and exits while ensuring they have materials available to execute a quick evacuation in an emergency and alert other occupants. They usually carry a flashlight and portable horn to alert others.

Our emergency 24-hour Firewatch Guards Services remain on site until your fire detection systems and sprinklers are fully operational, inspected, and approved by the Fire Marshall.

We are insured and compliant in all 50 States. We are determined to meet or exceed the fire marshals’ standards regarding fire watch security.

Who do we offer Fire Watch Service to?

We want to inform the business owners that we offer our Firewatch services to the following business types and sites:

Construction sites

Restaurants/ lounges

Clubs Parties

Educational campuses




Business offices

Shopping mall outlets

Indoor/outdoor parks

When do you need to hire a Fire watch guard?

Companies wait until it is too late to prevent a fire outbreak, but the more they experience a Fire alarm malfunction, they should consider calling Fast Guard services to ensure fire prevention. – Hire a  NFirewatch Security Company now.

Hire a Firewatch Guard when you are obligated to hire one to avoid fines or want your business events to happen smoothly. If you run a high-risk business and want to minimize liability, our Firewatch Guards are your best bet.

A fire extinguisher would not be of great help in a massive fire outbreak, so to avoid putting a price on life, hire our Firewatch Guard at your earliest!