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Running an event of any size takes a lot of planning. Ensuring that attendees, workers, and equipment are safe is a vital part of the blueprint as you hammer out the details. 

Event security is something that needs to be considered right from the outset. Such preparation ensures that you not only adhere to any legal requirements but that you also factor in the costs of an adequate security service.

When it comes to working out exactly how many security guards you’re likely to need, it’s first necessary to determine various aspects of the planned event.

What type of event is it?

This plays a big part in determining the ratio of guards to people. For example, a school festivity will need less security than a rock concert where alcohol is being served. Naturally, the latter is likely to have people who imbibe too much. Therefore security guards will have to deal with the problems that drunk attendees inevitably tend to cause.

How many people will attend?

You ask yourself how many security guards you’ll need to staff your event. For a micro-event of under 10 people, a single member of security will suffice. That is if security is even needed at all. For 10-50 attendees then 2-5 guards should be enough. Events numbering between 50-250 people will need anywhere between 5-15 guards. And when you start talking large gatherings from 250 people into the thousands, then 15-30 or even more guards could be needed.

How big an area does the event cover?

The numbers above are very generalized. If your event covers a large area, with guests scattered throughout, then the security presence should be increased.

Other considerations include the ages of your guests, the already mentioned availability of alcohol, and the fact that when groups of people gather there’s always the likelihood of illegal substances being added into the equation.

You’ll also need to think about the type of security that’ll be needed:

Crowd control

Probably one of the most commonly used types of security, these guys and gals direct the flow of people traffic. They’re also likely to be first on the scene to deal with any situations that might arise, such as a medical emergency or an altercation between guests. 

Gate guards

As the name suggests, these guys will be stationed at access and egress points, or at any barrier points where perhaps the public is prohibited, or only certain guests are allowed to enter. For example, a VIP area or backstage.

Mobile security

Ideal for larger events, such guards have a bike, motorbike, car, Segway, etc. to move from place to place.

Armed security guards

In most cases, armed guards aren’t necessary. If you consider that your event might need such a deterrent then it’s highly recommended to seek professional advice.

Security Service


If you’re hosting an event with VIPs and/or celebs then bodyguards might be necessary. Fast Guard offers the best VIP bodyguard solutions and executive security to compliment your even security needs.

When it comes to security for events It’s certainly not all about armed guards and heavies—the broad term of “security” covers a wide range of services. The industry is heavily legislated and it makes sense to get professional advice from a trusted source. Fast Guard Security Service has an outstanding reputation as one of the world’s top security providers. Their professional team serves clients on a national and international scale, and are industry-leading experts in the provision of guards for all types of events and concert security.