Fast Guard

We live in a world where public lives tend to get no privacy, and there are more VIP’s now than ever before, thanks to the rise of big business and the huge availability of mass media. Long gone are the days of three television channels. There are literally hundreds of thousands of people that now live in the public eye. From local politicians to successful executives to local celebrities and even huge movie stars, there are more people in the public eye now than at any time in history. There are more threats to these people as well. From crazed fans to angry business rivals to criminals looking to take advantage of a successful VIP, the world is an extremely dangerous place. The fact is, VIP’s are people too. They have a life. They still need to get around, go out in public, see people, have dinner and conduct business. That is why the demand for VIP bodyguards is on the rise. There are more VIP’s than ever before, there are bigger and more threats to VIP’s than ever before, and VIP’s still have to live! A good VIP bodyguard service can help solve all VIP security related issues.
  • Privacy and Non-Disclosure: Privacy, what a VIP says and does, is extremely important. That is why skilled VIP security details understand the importance of staying in the background and provide full non-disclosure assurances for the VIP’s and the family and friends of the VIP that they protect.
  • 24/7 Protection: VIP’s are generally on the go types of people. They travel far and wide and often at a moment’s notice, so this means they need security to stay on them, to bodyguard them, around the clock, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, whenever they need full protection.
  • Paparazzi: Paparazzi can be a serious issue for people with any kind of fame or public life at all. They are sycophants who often will pester VIP’s and stop at nothing to intrude on their personal lives to steal a picture. How many times have you heard of someone famous getting in trouble for assaulting some rude paparazzi? VIP bodyguards can eliminate this headache.
  • Executive Security: The President has the greatest protection of all, the Secret Service, filled with body men (and women) who are detailed to protect the President and his interests. All executive security is built on the same principle, and VIP security is modeled in the same way as well.
  • Global Deployment: Jet setters don’t stay in their living room or their neighborhood; they hop on jets and travel the world to work and play. VIP’s need a security detail that can travel internationally at the drop of a hat; they need bodyguards who understand and are prepared for the nuances and needs of global travel.
If you are looking for advanced executive security and VIP bodyguard services contact Fast Guard Service. Fast Guard Service LLC is the world’s leading VIP protection agency. They have protected from rapper 50 cent to the cast of CSI Miami.