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Security guards play an essential role in maintaining safety and order across various establishments, yet their authority to detain individuals may be subject to legal considerations and specific limitations. In this article, we explore when detention may occur and the legal framework surrounding such action by security guards. Security guards are not law enforcement officers, and their authority tends to be limited compared to police officers; however, they can make citizen’s arrests under certain conditions; typically, this authority comes from legal concepts of reasonable suspicion or probable cause. Security guards have the authority to detain someone if they have reasonable suspicion that they have committed, are currently committing, or intend to commit an unlawful act on the premises they are charged with protecting. Such suspicion should be founded on facts and behaviors rather than personal biases. In retail settings, security guards typically have the authority to detain individuals suspected of shoplifting until law enforcement arrives and detain the person on-premises until detained lawfully by law enforcement officials. Any excessive force used or unlawful detention could incur legal ramifications for both security guard and their employer. Security guards have the legal authority to detain in certain instances; however, any actions beyond their jurisdiction – such as using excessive force or holding someone without reasonable suspicion – could incur potential liabilities requiring them to comply with legal guidelines to avoid potential liabilities. Any breach could incur serious repercussions. Security Guards must use force appropriately and only when necessary for self-protection or protecting others. Any excessive force could result in assault charges and lawsuits being filed against them. Security guards conducting a citizen’s arrest must comply with state laws regarding such actions, which vary between states; breaching these can result in criminal charges being levied against the security guard involved. While security guards have the authority to detain individuals under certain circumstances, it is crucial that individuals understand the restrictions and legalities surrounding their actions. Security professionals must use sound judgment while adhering to legal guidelines to uphold their role within the law’s bounds responsibly. Those who believe they have been unlawfully detained by security personnel may seek legal advice to inform themselves of their rights and potential courses of action. Our  Comprehensive Security Services offer a holistic approach, providing diverse solutions to ensure the safety and protection of individuals and assets.