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Baltimore… Charlotte… Ferguson… Presidential Election Rallies… Sadly the list goes on and on, the ever growing list of all the cities and places devastated by riots and protests that turn violent in a flash. Business owners everywhere are stricken with panic and fear every time an arrest or a potential instance of police brutality makes the news. No city is safe. No community is safe. No business is safe.

These explosions of violence, riots with businesses being looted, rampaging fires and arson swallowing entire blocks, are happening more frequently, and they’re happening all over the country. The United States hasn’t seen this much Civil Unrest in decades, maybe ever. Who is to say if and when the cycle of violence will stop spreading, or where it will hit next.

Is your city or community next in line for protests, riots and violent behavior? Is your business safe or protected? More and more business owners are turning to armed security guards and armed security services to help protect their businesses and their livelihood. Fast Guard Service

Protects businesses and business owners in Miami and the Southern Florida region, from any and all destruction, protest related or not. Fast Guard Service offers the most capable armed security and armed security services anywhere, and they can protect your business during any type of civil unrest.

How many business owners in Baltimore or Los Angeles wish they had hired skilled, trained armed security like Fast Guard Service provides, before the riots broke out and destroyed their livelihood. The only way to truly protect your business in the face of an angry mob like the streets of Ferguson saw for days is with effective, skilled armed security guard services like those at Fast Guard Service.

Don’t wait until AFTER the unrest spreads through your city and it’s too late. You can’t protect your business after it’s been destroyed, looted or burned to the ground. Sadly too many business owners today in too many cities can testify to this fact. If you are a business owner in Miami or a surrounding area or in South Florida contact Fast Guard Service today to see how you can be proactive protecting your business with highly trained, experienced armed security guards and armed security services. Your business and your livelihood will be safer and better off for it. It is better to be prepared for such a catastrophe, for such a tragedy, than to try and put the pieces back together after the fact. Fast Guard Service provides highly trained armed & unarmed security guards for hire in under 4 hours guaranteed. Contact us now.

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